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11 Online Poker Tools to Boost Your Winrate

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Best Poker Tools

First up, you probably know them already – PokerTracker and Holdem Manager are by far the most popular poker tools – but may not have heard the two companies recently merged.

The two software platforms remain separate but now share the same creative team. So there’s never been a better time to start reviewing your play, analysing your results and using a HUD – everyone else is – especially with the rise of add ons like NoteCaddy Edge.

  • PokerTracker 4

PokerTracker 4 is $99.99 for small stakes, or $159.99 all limits. Holdem & Omaha are supported. There’s also a 30 day free trial, and Notetracker & Leaktracker built-in. It’s both Windows & Mac compatible.

A feature length poker strategy video via HUSNG.com on how to make use of PT4

Lucky Block casino

Those that like full control to tinker with tracking software often prefer PokerTracker 4 with its custom stats, reports and drag and drop HUD editing.

  • Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager 2 is $59.99 for small stakes, or $99.99 all limits. Only Holdem, or $159.99 to add Omaha support. Ideal for players who only play NLHE or LHE. 30 day free trial.

Notecaddy free version is built in, Notecaddy premium, Leakbuster & TableNinja II are paid add ons. Windows compatible, players can use Parallels or Bootcamp to run on Mac OS.

Advanced post game analysis from HEM2 coach Brent Clearman

At the lower price point Holdem Manager 2 is ideal for players who only play NLHE or LHE. Both PT4 and HEM2 are compatible with USA poker room Americas Cardroom (and other WPN skins e.g. Black Chip). For Bovada. there’s Holdem Indicator.

  • PokerAid

If you’re a Spin & Go player – 3 handed turbo SNGs – other software can be more useful than HEM or PT.

When stacks are short the optimal play comes down more to game theory than any HUD stats you have on your opponent(s). PokerAid.net created a one of a kind app that analyzes every Spin & Go game you play daily against mathematical algorithms and tells you how to plug your leaks.

PokerAid dashboard & Leak diagnosis

With their detailed hand analysis, leak buster, EV calculator and graphs of your chips won by equity PokerAid can tell you whether you’re ready to move up in stakes or not. PokerAid guarantee a boost in your ROI in spins, offering a free version to get you started then several tiers of paid subscription with higher levels of game monitoring and review.

Mention code RAKEBACKCOM when signing up for an additional discount on the paid plans.

Other Poker Software Tools

  • Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator is a poker HUD for Bovada (and other rooms) and odds calculator. It uses a more lightweight, simpler interface than PT/HEM. Win odds, pot odds are displayed on screen and change each street.

Holdem Indicator tutorial video

Holdem Indicator is $99 with an unlimited free trial for play money games. The major advantage of Holdem Indicator is it is a working poker HUD for Bovada, for self tracking only. Statistics on other players aren’t displayed (on Bovada the identifying player ID changes each hand) however users can track their own stats, and hand histories to review their game.

This is allowed at Bovada – see this CardsChat thread for statements from PokerTracker (post #21).

  • TableScan Turbo

The latest versions of the poker tracking software platforms above come with built-in table scanners, however we’ve always been a fan of the lightweight tool TableScan Turbo. Players happy with their older versions of PT or HEM and grinding on slower computers (HEM2 in particular requires high RAM) may prefer this.

TableScan Turbo - Poker Tools

Better days on PartyPoker, when there were 2+ fish per table

A smooth, responsive program that the developer made freely available for years before setting the $19.95 – $79.95 price depending on stakes. 30 day free trial. It works by reading the hands in your PostgreSQL database to quickly show you where the weak players you faced off against in the past are seated now. Then automatically open those tables for you.

Less controversial than split second auto seating scripts, TableScan Turbo leaves it to the player to manually select their seat, rather than automating all of their actions.

  • NoteCaddy Edge

NoteCaddy Edge is a $99 extension to NoteCaddy that takes advanced automated notes on opponents’ tendencies and displays these on your HUD to help you make better decisions in the heat of the moment.

Comes with its own powerful HUD, player type labelling and leak busting reports.

Introduction to NoteCaddy Edge Popups & HUD

NoteCaddy Edge is compatible with Holdem & PLO, in cash games, SNGs & MTTs.

  • Combonator

Combonator is a modern version of combination counting and range constructing software – more versatile than older software like PokerStove (free) and Equilab.

A must for serious Limit Hold’em professionals, used by many Supernova Elite grinders.

15 video Combonator tutorial playlist

Developed by ‘Hood’ on TwoPlusTwo (LHE coach and Pokerfuse founder), Combonator basic is free, and the pro version $45.

Management Tools

low are in-browser apps and calculators, free to use on the go.

  • TiltBreaker

TiltBreaker is a $49 automated stop loss tool to close your tables and end the session if you’re down a preset number of buy ins, sets rules for the stakes and games you can play, removes distractions from your browser while playing, and identifies points where you’re on tilt (playing suboptimally).

Poker performance management tool TiltBreaker in action

TiltBreaker comes with a 15 day free trial.

Free Web Tools

The poker tools below are in-browser apps and calculators, free to use on the go. Getting all the poker info you need in real-time is vital to making +EV decisions at the tables.

  • Push / Fold Calculator

For short stacked situations of 20bb or less when taking down the blinds and antes can be more important than post-flop play, Push or Fold.com is a useful webpage to have open.

Their free java app tells you if it’s more profitable according to Nash Equilibrium mathematics to go all-in or not (push or fold) based on your position. This is one the most important poker tools for online MTT and SNG players.

  • ProPokerTools

For over a decade ProPokerTools.com have been the go-to site for players searching for an online poker equity calculator. Their Java app outputs all-in equity for Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, O8, Stud, Stud8 and Razz hands.

Count the number of combinations in a range, and easily paste results into forums. ProPokerTools With a paid license users can crunch numbers on their machine, save ranges, run multiple queries into a spreadsheet, and other advanced formulations.

  • TwoDimes

Similar to the ProPokerTools, TwoDimes.net is another poker equity calculator. Less advanced features but fast to use on the go or while grinding. Poker Tools - TwoDimes.net

Shown above are the hand equities for the biggest poker pot ever played, in which Isildur1 was a 54% favorite vs Patrik Antonius in a $1.3 million PLO hand.

  • Fold Equity Calculator

Ed Miller’s new video training site (launched 2015) is already taking off, ranking #1 in Google for their Fold Equity Calculator. Red Chip Poker Tools - Fold Equity Calculator

Red Chip Poker should be a site to watch for more free web tools in the future, alongside their paid videos.

  • PokerSched

This free poker schedule tool displays all upcoming online poker tournaments across the web. 

Find the best tourneys across every poker site in a single poker lobby. From micro stakes to high rollers PokerSched.com offers you the ability to search for online poker tournaments that suit any bankroll.

No more wasting valuable playing time searching through every poker lobby looking for the best online poker tournaments you want to play.

Filter by buy-in, game, poker site, speed, and fill your diary with the starting times. The guaranteed prizepools are also listed.

  • Poker Blind Timer

Finally, for a bit of fun – leading online poker site 888 have created a blind timer, useful for your home games. Free to use, simply open the blind timer in any internet browser while playing.

Countdown timer

Choose from preset blind structures to get playing immediately – standard, turbo or deepstack – or enter your own custom blind levels and breaks. Then enter the number of players and starting stack, and the timer does the rest. Even if the page is closed, your timer will be saved by cookies.

While enjoying your home game the 888 poker blind timer will tell you when the blinds are up, time until the next break, and the total time elapsed in your tournament or SNG so far. It also works on mobile devices.

888 are also rated one of the top 100 casino sites online for when you fancy pit games over poker. All the poker tools and free statistical tools on this page are legal, approved poker software. Rakeback.com only recommends products we use ourselves.

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