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PartyPoker Software Upgrades Include Rabbit Hunting & Anonymous Tables

By Robert Jones, Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Party Poker LogoPartyPoker recently introduced a number of software changes that has the poker world talking.  Two of the changes, “rabbit hunting” and “show a card,” have been implemented by various other online poker rooms, but the new anonymous cash game tables is a concept unique to only PartyPoker and Ladbrokes.

The anonymous tables allow all players to play under a shield of invisibility.  In this digital age it usually doesn’t take long to find out the actual name behind the screen name on online poker rooms, but with the anonymous tables that becomes impossible.  Not only will screen names not be available at these rooms, but neither will avatars. 

This also means that all computer software that has helped make the game more scientific than ever has been rendered useless.  The only effective strategy players will be able to have against each other is if they play at the same table for a long period of time.  However, if these players ever come across each other again at one of these anonymous tables, they will never know it’s that same player.
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As mentioned, “rabbit hunting” and “show a card” have been around on other online poker rooms for a while, but they are new to PartyPoker players.  “Rabbit hunting” allows players the option to see what the next card on the board would have been, after they fold.  This option will either give players a sense of confidence for making the right lay down, or have them kicking themselves when their flush would have indeed hit on the river.

“Show a card” can be used as a strategic method in heads-up play.  A player may choose to turn one card over in order to play mind games with an opponent.  The opponent will now wonder if the person showing a card has the nuts, or is on a bluff.

Tournament details have also been enhanced.  For the first time on PartyPoker, players in tournaments can see what position they are in, and compare stack sizes with all opponents in the tournament, not just those at their table.  Players will also be able to see the available time left in their time bank, the amount of time to the next break. 

Finally, another new addition PartyPoker has made is allowing all players to be able to distinguish a regular player from a PartyPoker sponsored player.  This “spot the pro” feature is available in the lobby.

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