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Party Software Update Removes Game Selection Filters

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Following scheduled maintenance today on the PartyPoker network, the game client no longer displays the players per flop % or average pot size in the lobby next to each table.

High volume professional players, or 'regs', have voiced concerns that this makes game selection harder for those who don't use external software to scan tables for weak opponents.

One forum poster however was quick to point out that 'fish' may like this setup more as there will be less regs following them around. Sharks will no longer be able to easily sit or waitlist the highest VPIP, splashiest tables.

PartyPoker has openly stated its intention to focus it's promotions on casual players and improve the overall game experience for recreationals, earlier this year removing all high stakes games above $5/$10, citing the players' best interests and 'poker ecology'.

One software tweak today that can be appreciated by all players, is a noticeable reduction in lobby lag.

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