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PartyPoker Goes Social with New Software in August

By , Rakeback.com Executive Editor

PartyPoker is launching a major upgrade to its online poker offering in August.

The new client will include lots of social gaming features that are designed to attract many more recreational players to the site. “Missions and achievements” and a “unique set of social benefits” will act as incentives to players more accustomed to the social gaming environment.

PartyPoker has made series of changes in the last year as it moves lock, stock and barrel towards a business model that prizes recreational players.

In many ways, regular grinders have been deterred from the site because high stakes games have been removed, the value of high volume VIP benefits have been reduced, and generally they have been made to feel less welcome.

Don’t be deceived! What is lost by way of rakeback is more than gained by way of better win rates as the average skill level of players on the site reduces. The most profitable players have always been able to develop counter-intuitive strategies.

Nothing should be more attractive to the regular player than soft games, and PartyPoker’s new strategy is determined to provide them.

A new logo has already been launched which symbolizes the new strategy - orange for “new beginnings” and a clean look that will appeal to the modern social gamer looking for internet action. The old logo attracted the home poker player to the online tables. The new one is designed to attract the social gamers already online to try their hands at poker in an environment that they will recognize.

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