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Is a One Table Max A Good Idea? Criticism from Regs as PartyPoker Launches 'Casual Cash Games'

PartyPoker Casual Cash Games - One Table Max LogoLast week PartyPoker rolled out the first trial run of 'Casual Cash Games' at $0.50/$1.00 stakes. While the concept as an anti-bumhunting measure was generally positively received, players on the network have raised some issues.

First announced earlier this month, PartyPoker's Casual Cash Games are only open to players who sit at one table at a time, whether Heads Up, 6-max or Full Ring. Marked by a smiley face in the lobby, they exist alongside regular tables at the same stakes.

Designated Casual Tables Added to Game Lobby

PartyPoker Casual Cash Games - One Table Max

Introduced as a way to improve the poker experience for recreational and beginning players, casual tables have been better received overall than earlier attempts by Party to segregate the entire player pool by ability.

However some 100nl regulars see the tables as affecting liquidity at their stakes, with no significant benefit to the poker ecology as strong regulars from e.g. PokerStars open the Party client to 'bumhunt' one casual table.

Support of a One Table Max

  • Faster games for recreationals - grinders still have the ability to 18 table on regular tables, but can no longer slow down games for players who wish to 1 table, constantly timing out or using their timebank
  • A more personal experience - some 'fish' prefer playing against opponents who are paying attention, with time to type in the chat box, rather than 'sharks' robotically mass-tabling to make a living off rakeback

Criticisms of a One Table Max

  • The total number of available tables is reduced for all players - recreationals that play more than one table are also disadvantaged
  • Multi-tabling regulars from other poker sites can open the Party client to bumhunt one table while playing elsewhere, defeating the purpose of the one table max

Posters in the Official PartyPoker Thread on the 2+2 Forums have already voiced their concerns, in advance of casual tables being introduced at higher stakes with less liquidity.

Forum Responses

Most PartyPoker regular multitabling players are forced to play nl50 or nl200 or change poker room. And 1 table players are playing with bumhunters from other networks, who just add 1 partypoker table. I dont think it's fair that you reward other network regulars and screw YOUR network regulars.

Posted by Largus on the 2+2 Forums - View Post

I can see the end of 400+ once segregation 2.0 is implemented there...

Posted by opal on the 2+2 Forums - View Post

Already seeing new screennames who are obv regs from other sites that have added one smiley face table while playing on other sites. I've been doing that some, too. Why wouldn't I?

Posted by Lessu on the 2+2 Forums - View Post

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on PartyPoker's one table max tables in the comments below.

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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