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Partypoker Introduces Global Wait Lists

partypoker-for-peoplePartypoker has made the first of planned changes to its lobby designed to protect casual players. In the first phase, table wait lists have been removed, replaced by global wait lists.

The previous system allowed players to see who was sat at a particular table, and join a wait list to play at that table when a seat became free. If several seats were free at the table, players could choose which seat they wanted to occupy.

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This system has now been replaced by a global waitlist, where players sign up for the first free seat which becomes available at a table of their preferred game and stakes. When a seat become available, the table opens up and the player is seated automatically.

Until the first hand is dealt, the new player at the table cannot see the names of his opponents, they are listed simply as “Player1,” “Player 2” and so on.

Partypoker Changes Protect Casual Players

The change has the objective of making it impossible for seating scripts to work. Seating scripts use information in the poker lobby to pre-identify tables with weak players or too many regular players. 

Partypoker wants to stop regular players from avoiding playing against each other but more importantly, it wants to remove the practice of good players deliberately targeting weaker players. 

In protecting weaker players, partypoker aims to give them a better poker experience so that they are encouraged to keep on playing, and make online poker a regular feature of their leisure time. If new or weak players lose their bankroll too quickly to regular players, they can easily become discouraged and give up their new hobby before they have learned to enjoy poker to the full.

The owner of the Dusk Till Dawn Casino (DTD) in the UK, Rob Yong, told his players that the changes “are to prevent you being hunted down and third party software auto selecting the most advantageous seat against you or auto waiting at your table.”

DTD is partnered with partypoker in the UK, and is the host of the forthcoming WPT500, which is the focus of a special promotion open to Rakeback.com players who have accounts on partypoker. We are giving away two tickets for the WPT500 worth £550 each. For more details see our WPT500 promotion page.

The first partypoker changes will be followed by more which will end the practise of downloading hand histories to your local hard drive. Hand histories will still be available through the poker client, but as they can’t be downloaded, programs such as Hold’em Manager and PokerTracker will no longer work.

If You Have to Go, Go Wisely

Inevitably a number of high volume regular players will decide that now is the time to leave partypoker for pastures new. If so, we strongly recommend you choose a new poker room from those which we recommend. Rakeback.com regularly offers extra promotions to players who sign up through the links on our room pages—the WPT500 promotion mentioned above is a great example.

But Don’t Jump Too Soon

However, we would advise existing high volume partypoker players to think twice before making their move. There are good reasons to continue playing at partypoker, not the least of which is the time and money invested in becoming proficient with partypoker’s software and VIP program.

With some of the highest volume players likely to leave the room, the new poker ecology may end up being more profitable for players who have the courage to stay around. It may mean cutting a couple of tables from a regular playing schedule, but the likelihood is that win rates are going to go up, as the ratio between good players and poor players changes.

If you feel forced to play fewer tables without using  a Head Up Display (HUD), now may be the time to take a shot at moving up in stakes. If you can get used to playing without a HUD, you will be improving your native poker skills, and may find that the higher stakes cash games are now beatable.

Finally, if partypoker notices the kind of drop in cash game traffic which Full Tilt experienced when it made major changes to its lobby—for exactly the same reasons—the near future may well hold the prospect of extra promotions providing substantial incentives to the remaining high volume cash game players

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By Joss Wood Rakeback.com Content Manager

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