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Party Poker Shootout Tournaments

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Party Poker Shootout Tournaments are a variation on typical multi-table tournaments. A Shootout Tournament can consist of up to four rounds of play, depending on the number of entrants to the tournament.

What Makes Shootouts Different?

  • Shootouts tables are not collapsed during the tournament.
  • Players only play against the other players at one table in each round.
  • The three final players at each table advance to the next round.
  • Players get a small portion of the prize pool for each round they advance.
  • Players take their previous chip stack with them from round to round.
  • Players start with 3,000 chips and are awarded extra chips each round as follows:
    • 4,800 additional chips in Round 2
    • 12,000 additional chips in Round 3
    • 24,000 additional chips in Round 4

The final round is played in a standard multi-table tournament format, and with standard multi-table tournament payouts.

PartyPoker Shootout Satellites

Shootout Satellites into bigger entry tournaments are available at PartyPoker as well. All Shootout satellites are either Double (two rounds) or Triple (three rounds) Shootouts. There is one difference between these and the standard Shootout tournaments, however. In Shootout Satellites, ONLY the final player remaining at a table advances to the next round. Here are two possible examples of Shootout Satellites:

Party Poker shooutout satellite examples.

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