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  1. phaul said:

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    What does it actually gain you? As far as I can see, all you can do is buy stuff with your points that you used to be able to anyway but now can't.

    And you get points twice as fast, but who wants that as using them pwns you by coming out of your rakeback. Incidentally, does anyone know if there's a new rate for how much rakeback you lose when you use a point? It used to be $0.00135/point.

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    travz21 said:


    Black Card does nothing useful. It's their ploy to draw attention away from them changing the rakeback method, which is making them a ton of money. All you can do is buy crappy cash options that you still have to clear and that hit your incoming rakeback.

    And they've been talking about a new rewards program for a year now. It took them a year to think of this simple crap? It's just a slight variation of Iron Man and equally as bad. With Iron Man you got medals that you could use to buy stuff. With Black Card, you just get extra points to buy stuff. Same goddamn thing.
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  3. C8H10N4O2 said:


    I was expecting a decent new program. I'm really disappointed... although, it's not like I'm playing much poker anyway.
  4. shades211 said:


    Black Card will push players to play for 500 points a day rather than 200 for the old Iron Man. No real benefit for the players, just a good way for Full Tilt to get a more hours of play out of people.
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