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  1. Ryzant said:

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    I read somewhere that if i had a merge poker account in one room i cant get another in another room. e.g. If have a PokerNordica account, i cant have a Big Bet Poker account.

    Is this true?

  2. liladypokerpro's Avatar

    liladypokerpro said:


    No this is not true. I have multiple different Merge skins each with its own account. The only thing you "can't" do is play on more than one Merge skin from the same IP address at the same time.
    I see you talking but all I hear is blah blah blah
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    BigBetPoker said:


    Also keep in mind that you should have not been banned from any skin on the network. If for example you have been banned from XXX room and you want to sign up with Big Bet Poker, that won't be possible.

    However, other than that you can have an account with XXX room and an account with Big Bet Poker.

    To sign-up with bigbet, follow the links provided on
  4. Ryzant said:


    Thats good to know. Thank you liladypokerpro and BigBetPoker.
  5. DemonPFRW said:


    Also, you can only be tracked for rakeback for one Merge network room. Or so i have read.