i joined absolutepoker on the 30% rakeback here. well as you players know we don't get that because of the way they calculate the rake.
what they do is give you those fame points. 1 fame point means 30cents in rake the took from player
at the cash games tables they give you 1 point for x amount of hands (you must at least put in the blind)
for example in 0.1/0.2 NL 1 point for 10 hands
in 0.25/0.5$ 1 point for 5 hands
this point like i said is worth 30cents for rake(not rakeback- the full rake)
that way of calculation is designed in my opinion to reduce the amount of rake in players eyes and ofcourse what we acualy get for rakeback.
as you know you can go all in with 10$ or 20$ and they take there 5% and what you get is that 1 point for x hands.- in 0.1/0.2 it like 3cents for hand as rake and 1 cent for rakeback. RAKEBACK say absolutepoker uses a pot contribution calculation but we players know this is not true. i dont blame rakeback only absolute poker and i think they might even use this calculation for there affilates who will get less money.
i think the true rake might even 3-4-5 times more than they report