This is a fold noone else would do..

Thread: This is a fold noone else would do..

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    Default This is a fold noone else would do..

    Ok here is my hand of the day, on the bubble (18 players left, 19 players paid)
    I was just too sure he had me beat

    Full Tilt Poker Rakeback" onclick="replacer_hook(92)" target="_blank" href="">Full Tilt Poker $500 Super Turbo Knockout Pot Limit Omaha Hi Tournament - t120/t240 Blinds - 7 players

    alinacoliba (MP): t145
    MarcelCampbell (CO): t1315
    Aleksander0808 (BTN): t2150
    greatgumbie (SB): t2580
    allUcanEET1 (BB): t5985
    tkrellbonn (UTG): t4945
    Hero (UTG+1): t860

    Pre Flop: (t360) Hero is UTG+1 with A Q Q 9
    1 fold, Hero raises to t840, 1 fold, MarcelCampbell calls t840, 3 folds

    Flop: (t2040) 3 Q 3 (2 players)
    Hero checks, MarcelCampbell bets t475 all in, Hero folds

    Final Pot: t2040
    MarcelCampbell wins t2040

    Nah, I diconnected on the flop
    Leaving me with 20 chips

    The good news was that I managed to cash in 18th position with 20 chips left and as this was a multi-entry tourny I managed to take second place with one of my other entries.
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    Ha, nice, though I saw someone yesterday fold intentionally his last 30 cents into a pot of over $5 on the river