Is Full Tilt finished?

Thread: Is Full Tilt finished?

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    scbt said:

    Default Is Full Tilt finished?

    I live in Canada.
    Full tilt cash outs used to be instant for me.
    Now they take 1.5-2 weeks.

    Today I read that they lost their licence and I cannot login due to "site maintenance"...what's up?
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    travz21 said:


    Full Tilt is looking more and more dead as the months roll on. Now it looks like maybe the entire world is in jeopardy of being stiffed by FTP instead of just the US players.
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    frob23 said:


    Ugh, this makes me feel even less sure about ever getting my money back from FT. And I was already feeling pretty unsure about that.

    {More profanity screamed for the sake of relief but censored for the sake of the readers }
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    Finally....finally...somebody in Full Tilt step out and say something. He should have pop up earlier but not until now. But good that he has the guts to do so, late is better than never.
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    jspill said:


    ^ people started speculating immediately that his speaking up now meant that a deal was just around the corner... and lo' and behold, it seems that way -

    fingers crossed the deal includes players being paid back in full, immediately