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  1. frank735 said:

    Default Do not sign up at cake

    I know it's the last US friendly site but......the software wouldn't work on my computer and they couldn't fix it. However, the worst of it is they won't cash me out. They refuse to send me my money. No reason is given other they're busy and will get to it. Two months and endless emails and no money.

    I got cash outs at other sites in weeks not months. If you don't mind crappy software and chancing a payout then CAKE is for you.
  2. joetreff300 said:

    Default Agree, don't play on Cake

    Depositing was instant, when you play poker they take your rake. But when you win and want your money back you pay a 3% fee (you paid f***ing rake the whole time, now you need to pay a fee to get your money). Not to mention why would someone who takes out $5000 need to pay $150 and someone who takes out $100 pay $3???It doesn't cost them more...And it takes weeks.

    If you are a losing player then go for it, you don't have to worry about cashouts, lol...
  3. HelloPoker said:

    Default just got 3 cashouts there in 2 months time and waiting for my 4th

    about 4 cashouts in 2 months thats like 2 weeks a cashout Don't mind 2 wait a bit longer when I win
  4. fionaho's Avatar

    fionaho said:


    Quote Originally Posted by nasser View Post
    cool, actually i cashed on 7-11 still waiting for a paper check i'm in the USA, how long do you think it will take? thx..
    Hi nasser,

    There is other US player asking about withdraw with Cake Poker. They are experiencing delay with US check processing right now so there is a delay. The queue is a bit long and they are trying their best to speed things up.
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    fionaho said:


    Quote Originally Posted by nasser View Post
    thanks Fionaho, just to let you know i got mine in 7 weeks, a little long but considering others have waited longer i'm cool with that, as i'm winning daily so i'll continue grinding there...keep it real..peace out...
    Great to know that you are winning. More luck on your way
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  6. OTTOMAN POKER said:


    Also I began to win. Cake is cool...
  7. mgnus said:


    Also, the deposit bonus is a joke. After 8k hands of 5NL, I got my first $2. I guess Ill have cleared the whole $50 bonus after only 200k hands at that limit Its a joke..
  8. OTTOMAN POKER said:


    Their biggest deal is, DEALT">RAKE BACK.
  9. EddTred said:

    Default Re cashouts and Best Poker site

    Why Pokerstars is the BEST site
    I am an Aussie Pokerstars player. Cashouts are done direct to your bank account and take TWO DAYS max.
    Any emails to their Support are answered same day. They also have a time function with which you can set your local time so you know precisely when a tourny starts. You dont have to piss around with + or - time zone settings.
    The Game interface/software is virtually perfect. I signed up at Doyles Room awhile back, sat down at a game for 10 minutes and logged off and cancelled out all together... software absolute RUBBISH.
    Ultimate Bet sign up bonus is a scam. Game interface only just useable.
    Only negative with Pokerstars is NO Americans. The Canadians now think THEY are the Best in the world. Probably following Negreanu's example LOL.
    Hopefully one day the Yank Government will live up to their claim of a FREE country and stop telling their citizens what they Can and Can't spend their money on. THE LAND OF THE FREE -----What a F...king joke.