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  1. Squawk said:

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    Hey all

    I took the offer of a free $8 over at 888 from here. Nice of them to give me free money so I can try out the client.

    Which brings me to an issue. The client.Either I'm a complete idiot, or it's awful.

    Took my free $8 and used it to enter a couple of Sng's and an MTT. Got that up to about $13 and decided to see how the client works with stacked tables while playing cash. Strike 1, can't stack, have to tile or cascade.

    Ok, cascade it is. And now my big issue. The client pops up the table that needs action to the front. All fine and dandy, except that it doesn't leave it there. If another table suddenly needs attention it won't wait for you to act on the first table. Up comes the new table, and that lovely pair of aces is gone forever before you can get the table back.

    Dunno if I'm doing something wrong, possibly I am. I've tried in the settings section to first enable, then disable, popup on action. Nothing works.


    Posting this while 5 tabling, was considering 888 as a harbour for my roll if I ever get it off full tilt, probably just to clear the bonus and then move on. But if the client is that bad, no chance.


    It appears that the issue may have been the need for a restart of the client. No idea why the client would need restarting in order for settings to take effect, but tables are now popping up as expected
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  2. 81334 said:


    tile is the best way
  3. Squawk said:


    Lets see ya tile 16 tables

    On a side note, I've seen three straight flushes in 2 days, just had my queen high flush owned by one, one of them was a royal.

    On one hand at showndown between two players every diamond to the 8 was on show, though only one of the two had the straight flush.
  4. HelloPoker said:


    True so often you see very big hands vs even bigger hands.
    And I am talking about a descent sample. I have wondering
    if it was only me.
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    travz21 said:


    Tiling 16 is easy if you have good enough monitors.
    Think for yourself. Question authority.
  6. Squawk said:


    Quote Originally Posted by travz21 View Post
    Tiling 16 is easy if you have good enough monitors.
    Must be a bitch to play though. I can only manage 16 stacked because the buttons all line up. Unfortunately can only do that on full tilt of the places I'm regged on, so thats scuppered.