How much of a fish am I?

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  1. Apocryllic said:

    Default How much of a fish am I?

    I felt I did the right thing here with 3 Queens after the flop, going all in. I thought it likely the other guy had a high pair (eg kk aa jj) and I figured trying to shake him out by going all in was a good idea... Comments?

    PokerStars - $1 NL (9 max) - Holdem - 8 players
    Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

    MP+1: $235.60
    Hero (CO): $402.35
    BTN: $263.40
    SB: $122.80
    BB: $260.25
    UTG: $250.00
    UTG+1: $100.00
    MP: $135.10

    SB posts SB $0.50, BB posts BB $1.00, MP+1 posts ante $0.20, Hero posts ante $0.20, BTN posts ante $0.20, SB posts ante $0.20, BB posts ante $0.20, UTG posts ante $0.20, UTG+1 posts ante $0.20, MP posts ante $0.20

    Pre Flop: ($3.10) Hero has Q Q

    UTG raises to $4.00, fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $8.00, fold, fold, fold, UTG raises to $32.00, Hero calls $24.00

    Flop: ($67.10, 2 players) Q 5 J
    UTG checks, Hero bets $370.15 and is all-in, UTG calls $217.80 and is all-in

    Turn: ($502.70, 2 players) K

    River: ($502.70, 2 players) T

    UTG shows K K (Three of a Kind, Kings) (PreFlop 82%, Flop 15%, Turn 98%)
    Hero shows Q Q (Three of a Kind, Queens) (PreFlop 18%, Flop 85%, Turn 2%)
    UTG wins $499.70
  2. miniDan said:



    To be honest with you I really doubt there was much you could do to get him/her off of that hand.

    I would've tried my best to control the pot..... Better to lose a small amount.
  3. travz21's Avatar

    travz21 said:


    Huge fish. I'm not sure why you'd feel comfortable getting all in with only QQ on that flop.

    And did you really want KK to fold on the flop?
    Think for yourself. Question authority.
  4. phaul said:


    So you flop the nuts and want to fold out hands which will pay you off?
  5. FecalTornado's Avatar

    FecalTornado said:


    don't tap the glass, sir
  6. wiz2themax said:


    Quote Originally Posted by travz21 View Post
    Huge fish. I'm not sure why you'd feel comfortable getting all in with only QQ on that flop.

    And did you really want KK to fold on the flop?
    now why the hell would you say that. the flop had a Q,5,j 2 suits and he had trip Q's. There is no other hand the other guy could have to beat his at this moment. The only threat that really posed at that moment was the Q,J hearts.
  7. travz21's Avatar

    travz21 said:


    You can never be too careful.
    Think for yourself. Question authority.
  8. Apocryllic said:

    Default thanks

    OK so I've gained some valuable experience the last couple months. Yesterday I took some time going through losing hands (oddly QQ is my worst performing ... by far, and its not just that hand doing it!) and thought about this one more. Both wiz and trav are right. It actually didn't make sense to go all in there, it was not cautious enough. I should have bet much much less and observed my opponents behavior before going all in.

    That said, I am not sure anything could have folded me , though, even seeing the K come up (maybe I'm stupid but seriously how often do people fold on QQQ with a K showing?), but I was probably destined to lose big money on that hand no matter what. If the other guy went all in I would probably have followed.

    Interestingly in another game, very similar situation, where I was dealt TT and flopped the set I acted very cautiously after K and an A showed on turn and river. I won the hand and another player chastised me for not being more aggressive. The gist of it was why wouldn't you be aggressive with a set ? it rarely loses and if someone had a set A or K they probably would have put more money on the table early in the hand.

    What makes the game so interesting is the right strategy probably depended more on what the other guy was doing ... I should have paid attention to that more closely, when I lost with QQQ, and put myself in his shoes rather than focussing only on my set.... When I under-played TTT the same story...
  9. 86943 said:


    I'm going to give you an honest reply since I find it sad that you took these people who are making fun of you seriously. If you're just kidding around and I bit, everyone feel free to laugh.

    You got all your money in when he was a massive underdog. Of course there's nothing wrong with that. You say: "If the other guy went all in I would probably have followed." Well...of course, seeing that you had the best possible hand at the time. The fact that the K hit on the turn changes nothing. You should seek that result every time and just shrug it off when it doesn't go your way. There is no real right strategy when you get set-over-set because you typically make great money with sets.

    If anything, you were too aggressive on the flop because you had the best possible hand and bet as if you were desperate to scare people out when you really want calls from just about every hand there. You want to bet enough to give all the flush and straight draws a tough time, but not too much that pairs or two pairs get cold feet.
  10. bogyci said:

    Default My 2 cents

    As mentioned in prev post, travz is just mocking you :P

    The only good piece of advice would be that you drop down to lower limits. You have no basic understanding of why what you did was wrong, so this makes me think there are other major gaps in your game as well.

    Now let's see the other example you just gave.. you flop top set, TTT. Turn/River brings K/A. Making a normal bet on the flop and then showing on turn would be a good play (or at least putting in 70+% of your stack by the turn, easing up the call for a final riverbet). You're representing something around two pairs/sets/straight draws, and you might get a call from about the same type of hands, which you have beaten. So what if your opponent has KKK? Would you ever fold TTT? So clearly, get in the money while you can be sure you are ahead as there aren't too many hands that would call a riverbet that you have beaten if you slowplay the turn...

    (Sure there are exceptions, like inducing a bluff by slowplaying, but if you're in a scary spot, it's better to keep it simple).

    But then again, I'm playing waaaay lower limits then you do
  11. Apocryllic said:


    Thanks, I since then moved to low limit games, and doing a lot better.
  12. OTTOMAN POKER said:


    Bad beat!!!!! He's the donk, you have done the right thing I think...
  13. allena said:


    A Big Fish...
  14. johan75 said:



    Apocryllic You can never be the too careful. ...!
  15. allena said:



    "Apocryllic" its better to loss a small amount...!