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    hello [email protected] accepted my account and association with rakeback.com .
    Can now you add pokerstars in my tracking and can start getting rakeback?


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    frob23 said:


    Pokerstars does not offer rakeback.

    From: http://www.rakeback.com/pokerstars/
    While you will not receive an actual PokerStars rakeback payment directly to your account, you can earn as much as 68.4% value back through the VIP program once all of the benefits of are taken into account. All players at PokerStars earn VIP Player Points (VPPs) for all real money rake paid to the site in either cash games or tournaments. The rate at which you collect VPPs is affected by your VIP Club level.

    All PokerStars players collect VIP Stellar Rewards for collecting milestone amounts of VPPs, and you only spend 1 FPP to collect these rewards. At the Supernova and Supernova Elite VIP levels, Milestone Cash Credits can also be claimed. These milestones work the same way as VIP Stellar Rewards but reward higher volume players. Finally, players can buy bonuses with their VPPs.
    You use your VPP points to buy cash rewards and that functions in the same method as rakeback. But because it's done that way, you won't see it on your tracker here. You'll be able to see what you've received by using the cashier window in the client and looking at your VPP point balances.
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