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    Hi peeps,

    I am so happy, I signed up here a few weeks ago and signed up for Cake through RBCOM. I just got my first rakeback payment put into my account today and only $12 from playing about 3000 hands at .05/.10 NLHE 6 max(took about 12 hours ironically-over a week period). I say only- but I am very proud about the little extra(and grateful!). I was impatient about the whole thing. Any one having anxiety over it like I did, just be patient.

    Good to be here and hope to contribute to the forum some. How do I get a screen name for forum? Probably should go back and read a few things
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    4bb/100 in rakeback is very good (unfortunately that also means rake is high, but on bright side you're getting some of it back)
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    Hi 92356,

    Good to see you on the forum. We have replied to your ticket and actually you can change your username on following below after you have login to your RB.com account:


    We can change for you manually at our backend if you wish to. Just reply to the ticket with desired username

    Have a nice weekend.
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