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  1. azzamut said:

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    Ive been registered with PKR for many years now... Is it possible to use rakeback with the website even though im not a new user?
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    jspill said:


    From their T&Cs an account that's dormant (you haven't logged in) for 18 months is closed -

    If that applies to you, you should be able to make a new account and get it tracked for rakeback on this website -

    Even if you have logged in within the last 18 months, you could try closing your account - and then sending an email to support, explaining that you'd like to play again. Most sites usually don't mind retagging players for rakeback, only the old Full Tilt seemed to have a problem with this.
  3. magiCHRiS said:


    I'd also be interested in this. It would be cool if there was a way to link rakeback to existing accounts.