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    We had our Christmas tournament last Friday. 8 staff were playing heads up game. It took around 3 hours to come up with the champion. One of our customer support team member won the game

    390638_10100455528793609_16806709_51419016_1273530800_n (1).jpg

    Are you playing any Christmas tournament(s)?
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    cool, looks like fun
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    Yea, with beer and had spicy crab after that.

    Doing anything over the holidays?
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    not much just some poker and work, as normal!

    here in thailand we celebrate mostly in april for the thai new year
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    We didn't play any tournaments over Christmas but we do have occasional penny poker cash games at my house. This was us getting absolutely ridiculous one night playing 1c/2cNL (usually we play 5c/10c but for some reason we decided to just play absolute penny stakes that day).

    The face being made by the woman holding the baby (my sister) is in reaction to my aunt (the one looking at her hole cards) who has been overbetting pot on every street and has just realized that she hadn't looked at her cards and thought she was playing the previous hand still.

    Good times were had by all... as usual. Proof that you don't need to risk big bucks to have fun playing. But we still prefer 10nl most of the time. It's not a lot of money but it also stops the "let's just shove all in and see" thing from happening too often. It still happens but not all the time because people run out of cash too quickly. My aunt was buying in for $3 a go and I think she dropped like $20ish before she started taking it seriously.

    Edit: Those in the know might recognize my playing cards (same set as being used in the tournament photo in the OP). Still using them and loving them! :-)
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