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    I have just started playing on Corals poker site.
    I didn't register here first before I started playing, is it too late now to receive rakeback ?
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    jspill said:


    'Rakeback' on Coral comes from the site's own internal VIP program, so you didn't miss anything by not signing up through an affiliate. Perhaps a few occasional specific promos/bigger deposit bonus/few freerolls, but not the end of the world. You can try emailing [email protected] tho' to see what they can do

    It's a pretty confusing rewards system for that site, I put together a spreadsheet trying to summarise it a while back. Basically your rakeback equivalent comes from the weekly bonuses, for which you're allowed to buy a max. of $190/week using player points, and then monthly leaderboard prizes. Here's what I came up with, don't quote me on this though:

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