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    What is heads-up play?
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    May be i am asking a very basic question but really i don't know about it or you can say poker.
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    It's one person playing one other person. 2 people at the table. 1 vs. 1. Heads up.
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    abbreviated to HU

    also there's HUHU, which is specifically HU play on a heads-up table, whereas HU could be 2 players on a 6max table, trying to start up a game, or both
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    Playing a fish heads up is the biggest edge you can have in poker.
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    What is heads-up play?
    Heads up play is when 2 players are playing against one another such as at the end of a tournament when there are only 2 players left. They would be playing "heads up" for 1st place. There are also heads up tables along with heads up tournaments for players that want to play against a single person. Lastly, if all tables are full at the level you wish to play at you
    could start a new table and wait for another player to play heads up until more players interested in playing for those
    stakes are available.
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    I am going to move this to the Beginner's Questions forum because I feel like it fits best here. I've left a temporary redirect in the original location.

    johan75 has a lot of great questions that a lot of us, who have played for a while, take for granted. They belong in the area best suited to answering them.
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    Thank you "frob23" for moving my thread to the beginner questions.....