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    I was playing a 7.00 hyper turbo Heads up trny and I won the trny however it never credited the money to my account. I got to looking at my hand history it showed me winning the final hand. Then I pulled up my trny history it showed me at -7 profit for the trny however it showed my place as 1rst. I had thought that this happened another time but i was playing a bunch of diffrent games and had gotten off some tables so wasn't sure then where my money was so I didn't catch it like i did this time. I contacted support and he seen where the payment was delayed and they credited it to my account but I'm sure had i not caught it that I would not have gotten the money for it.
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    Even the largest and 'safest' rooms by reputation e.g. stars and party have major software glitches that are caught first by the players, seems to be an unfortunate aspect of the game. If you're mass-tabling SNGs you should def use HEM or PT3 to track your results daily and compare to your acct balance. Americas C is on the Yatahay network which isn't tracked by SharkScope, so that's even more important.