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    A collection of's most interesting forum threads from over the years. Enjoy, and feel free to bump them with new posts!

    Strategy Archive

    You got questions, I got answers - A moderator posts useful responses to common poker FAQs
    Another small stakes player trying to go pro - Interesting updates and insights from an aspiring grinder
    One for the "It's Rigged" Brigade - Dealing with downswings in high variance games like SNGs
    When to shift up?- Advice for planning to move up in stakes with your winnings and rakeback, and solid bankroll management
    EV vs Actual clarification - Theory discussion of the EV line and convergence
    I Quit - Dealing with bad-beats
    How to beat Rush Poker? - Tips for strategy adjustments in Rush/Zoom type cash games
    100 Poker Tips - Assorted miscellaneous advice from our members
    Help me create a good H.O.R.S.E. guide! - How to crush the mixed games rotation, LHE, O8, Razz, Stud HI, and Stud8
    Best rakeback calculation - Discussion of an oft-debated topic, weighted contributed rake methods vs dealt and winner-takes-all systems
    Rakeback winrate? - What bb/100 does rakeback typically add on to your bottom line?
    Beginner's 1 Piece of Advice - What's the number one tip you could give to a brand new player?
    12 steps to being a winning player - A long time poster offers some nuggets of advice
    I am done playing on Mondays - Are certain days of the week less profitable?
    Bankroll Challenge - Several veteran posters attempt to turn $0 into $1000 and blog about their progress
    PartyPoker: A regular player's strategy guide - Links to articles all about partypoker/">Party Poker (and WPT poker/other skins), the bonus system and software
    I'm an idiot - Hand analysis of a tournament suckout followed by a chat blow up

    Also see's feed of articles in the Poker Strategy section.


    Live Vs Online Poker which is better? - The classic debate, play in casinos or in front of your computer screen?
    2 Thumbs down for Rush Poker - What's your opinion on fast-paced Rush games, e.g. PokerStars' Zoom
    Have you made a Royal Flush? - The absolute nuts, do you remember your first time?
    Live Poker - Insights from Live Poker regs, comparing stakes played and swapping stories
    Poker is Boring - When the grind gets too much
    Rakeback Stories - Degen tales of bouncing back from bustoness thanks to Rakeback payments
    Do you drink? - Often take a tipple while playing, or is it best to avoid the booze?
    What kind of poker player are you? - Member's poll analysing common player personality types
    Gambling or not? - That old debate, is poker really gambling?
    2011: Not A Very Good Year - A look back at one of the most controversial years for poker, in pictures Staff Writer chosen to negotiate PokerStars VIP changes - One of our team was a player rep during the famous rake structure discussions on the Isle of Man
    Choosing Poker Chips for Your Home Game - A nice article on selecting the best poker chips for those private home games
    Do you think poker is a sport? - Another interesting debate - also see this thread for more
    Can someone Recommend a Good poker show? - Find out posters' favorite Poker TV shows and where to watch them
    Epic Seidel vs Chino Hand - from our Poker on TV subforum, a final table video with some top names, and an amazing hand between Eric Seidel and Chino Rheem
    Hottest Televised Female Player? - Title says it all!


    Tatjana Pasalic - the beautiful Tasha sat down to chat with's news team
    [Video] Liv Boeree - a YouTube interview with the PokerStars Pro
    Rakeback Member Grinds Way to Black Card Status - One of our players earned our top rewards package for his high volume, and shared some tips
    Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier - Cross post from another forum's talk with the online superstar
    [Video] Doyle Brunson - A rare YouTube vid from the Grandfather of Poker
    [Video] Viktor Blom - Brief winner interview with Isildur1 after taking down the PCA High Roller $100k Tourney


    Funny Screen Names - looking for inspiration on a cheeky SN? Check out these existing ones we've spotted- also see this thread
    Possible movie names for a poker blue movie - Get your creative juices flowing (no pun intended) with spoof adult poker-themed movie titles
    Have you broken anything while on tilt? - Any laptops been thrown from windows when villain sucks out on the river?
    Superstitions in Poker - What weird and wacky rituals do you go through on your daily grind?
    I suffer from upswing tilt - A unique take on the mental side of poker
    Funny things "said" at the tables - Those awkward comedy moments in live games
    Jokes - Humorous snippets from the twisted minds of our members

    Best of the Players' Lounge

    Stupid Side Bet - A weight-loss prop bet between two siblings
    New heads up music - What do you listen to while playing?
    My Theory about Poker - Off-beat musings about this crazy game we play
    Obama and the Democrats - Off-topic political banter
    Word Association game - If you're really bored...

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    [Edited by frob23: I'm the one who made the side bet with my sister. I'm a guy.]
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