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    Default Poker Nordica is Closing

    I received the following email 5 hours ago:


    We unfortunately need to close down Poker Nordica from April 1th 2012!

    If you have any funds in your Poker Nordica account, you can visit the URL on the client login screen. This will take you to a page where you can login to the Poker Nordica cashier and request a withdrawal.

    Alternatively, if you have another active account within the Merge Network and would like your balance transferred over, please email [email protected] and give them your alternate account details and they will arrange the transfer.

    We wish all our players the best in the future!


    Poker Nordica
    This is a sad day for me. I have been playing on Nordica for 4 years now! I started by winning a PTOTW freeroll on that site (back when we first started them and had them on there). I then built a bankroll on there and was able to cash out several times. I cashed out a large portion of my bankroll this last summer -- because I was concerned about the site being shutdown after the events of black Friday. So there's not a whole lot still on there. I keep plenty for playing $4nl when I have time to kill and just for fun.

    Still it's a very sad day.

    I went and opened an account on Black Chip but it won't be the same. I've lost my 35% rakeback... and with the amount I rake ($50-$80 a month, rarely more) it will be a very long time before I even get any significant amount of rakeback at other merge sites. Still, I would rather have the money on a site that I expect to be there if I decide to cash out. It takes 4-8 weeks to process a cashout and I don't want to find myself waiting for a check from a company that's vanished.

    I'm a little sad tonight. I feel like a large part of my poker history died today. With pokerstars gone, full tilt gone, and now Nordica... all the sites I started playing real money online on are gone.

    I've requested that they transfer my small remaining funds from Nordica to my new account. We'll see how long it takes. But it will never be the same.
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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Thanks for sharing frob23
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    It really does suck because 4nl the rake destroys you (it is >6ptBB/100). I have the actual number at home but it is a huge suck to the wibrate. Getting a third of that back (~2ptBB/100) helped a lot.

    Now I will be stuck in the 10-15% area... Which is less than half (much less) for years. Yes, years. I can figure my lifetime rake over the 4 years I played on Nordica. It is over $2000 but not by a huge amount. I would need to rake $10,000 just to get back to where I was.
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    Actually, lifetime rake is probably near $3k. And excuse the typos. I am at a theme park and on my cell phone. When I get home, I will pull actual numbers. The rake hit a 4nl 6 max is something I obsess about. I don't think I can play the game with less than 35% rakeback. It is just too much.
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    Well, I am home. So I can get more of my numbers in order.

    In all my time playing at PokerNordica, I only raked a total of $3,168.58 -- I'm a microstakes guy and make no apologies for that. That's over 3 years of play, almost 4 but not quite. Of course, when I started I didn't generate a whole lot of rake. And then when I cashed out most of it and went down in stakes because I wasn't comfortable keeping so much online, my rake dropped too.

    For the last three months, I have averaged just over $63 in gross rake a month. That's 630 VIP points. It would take me almost 3 months just to build the points to get any rakeback at all. That would be for the 10% level. No more nightly 35% rakeback. At the levels I play, I would probably never see that again.

    Merge just doesn't seem very friendly to the micro player. I know we don't bring in a whole lot of money for the sites but we do contribute something for their bottom line. Nordica made a couple grand on me.

    As for what the effective rake-hit players take at 4nl 6-max... my tracker shows it at -6.35ptBB/100 for everyone. That's the average for all players. My personal one seems to be: -7.29ptBB/100 (probably because I tend to be one of the more active and aggressive players at the tables (29-32/20-26ish stats depending on the rest of the table) so I'm in more raked pots.

    Getting 2.22ptBB/100 (2.55ptBB/100 in my case) back is going to help a lot more than getting 0.63ptBB/100. And that 2.22ptBB/100 arrived every night automatically. There wasn't a cutoff that needed to be reached before you could redeem it.

    So... who knows if I'll even stay with merge any more. I am open to better sites that are friendlier to the micro players.
    I get no respect. . . when I move all-in, people from other tables call.
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    Default don't deposit to merge network until rakeback is resolved

    nordica closing left us with no rakeback option to mergenetwork. do not deposit to another company in merge since you wont get rakeback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvs20009 View Post
    nordica closing left us with no rakeback option to mergenetwork. do not deposit to another company in merge since you wont get rakeback.
    Actually you CAN keep your rakeback:

    Note* this only applies if you were on Poker Nordica 35% Rakeback. Nordica VIP players cannot take advantage of this offer.

    What I need from you (email to [email protected]):

    1) Poker Nordica screen name
    2) BlackChip screen name (must sign up for your account here: )

    I will be able to get you put on 35% rakeback AND we will be able to help you shift your account balance over.

    Remember, no one from will EVER ask for your password.

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    Default need help completing the process

    Signed up for Blackchip Poker, money got transferred from Nordica.

    All I need now is the $25 bonus, rakeback, and my points to transfer.
    Can you help me Rakeback?

    BCP is saying they can't.

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