All jackpot tables are now gone, on every game type and stakes, from Party, WPT poker, and all skins on the network -

Interesting decision from PartyGaming. These are some common arguments for and against the lottery promotion:


  • Brings in fish, who enjoy the gamble, and play speculative hands trying to hit the jackpot. Games are looser
  • When the jackpot prizepool approaches high six figures, it can be closer to being +EV
  • You might hit it one day, and it'd be life changing


  • It's so unlikely you'll hit it or get a table share (you're not sat out, 4+ players are dealt in, Four of a Kind 8s or better cracked, using both hole cards) that paying so much extra rake (50 cents per pot, a cut of several bb/100 to your winrate) is -EV longterm
  • 10% of the prizepool is basically stolen by the house as an 'admin fee' every time it hits
  • Fish have a worse winrate, losing faster, are less likely to upswing/go on a heater and move up in stakes. They're more likely to bust and tell their friends the games are 'rigged'
  • Mediocre regs are turned into losers, and lower winrate = more and larger downswings that can bust players, which is never good for the poker economy
  • It portrays poker as less of a skill game, not wise given the possibility of US legislation
  • Fish still play just for the poker, as shown by their presence on sites without a jackpot, and on non-BBJ tables

Personally, I'm happy to see it gone, agreeing with Party's rationale of making for a 'healthier' room with 'better cash games'.