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    Hey guys. I've had a PokerStars account for a while, but didn't put rakeback code when I created it. Is there any other way to be able to get rakeback on it? However, does PS even have rakeback, or do you have to have VIP? If it does, I would only play if I can get the rakeback after all, since playing without it ain't good at all - account Melkien.

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    They don't have rakeback.
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    Yeah there's not an awful lot of value in using the code, just the occasional $1k freeroll and some free satellite tickets. But that's pretty standard for PokerStars and all affiliate sites - since stars' own VIP system is already one of the best in the industry, they don't offer flat monthly RB payments like other rooms. It's geared towards high-volume players, but even if you don't play a ton of volume, their rake is the lowest online. So e.g. 15% rewards are worth about the same as 30% rakeback on other sites, because you pay 1bb/100 less in rake, or higher.

    You can try emailing [email protected] though and they'll see what they can do. Whatever happens you can still follow this site on Facebook or Twitter for Stars news and promotions.
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    Thank you very much guys, very good information, exactly what I needed .