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    what is your favourite sports, mine is rugby and rugby league, I was just wonderring since we all come from different countries what is the fad there.

    looking forward to your replies
    GOOD LUCK all on and of the felt
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    I really like rally and World Rally Championship It's not so boring as F1 sorry F1 fans In past times I was a fan of our estonian driver Markko Martin but after the accident which happened to him during the WRC he left, cause his co-driver died , but the guy was really good he is really young but really talanted, now Iam waiting his comeback
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    I'm a die hard ice hockey fan. Overall, I'm a huge sports fan, whatever the sport may be... Ice hockey, soccer, F1, WRC, track&field, ski jumping, etc... everything works for me.
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    I really enjoy Formula1. Some would actually find the sport a bit boring to watch as you would just see cars passing by overtaking one another. But as a speed-bum, I really enjoy the sport. It's the "drama" behind the races and how strategies can be the deciding factor in the race. It's the ultimatum of the car racing sport so, you gotta love it.
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    I love football. I really want to watch the game everyday. Sometimes I watch replays if I fail to watch it live. I am a number fan of the game
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    I only like Football to watch this.......