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  1. johnolerud9 said:

    Default full tilt bonus code

    What is the rakeback code that you put in for depositing on full tilt
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    What is the rakeback code that you put in for depositing on full tilt
    The code is displayed on the Full Tilt rakeback application page. You need to follow every step to successfully get rakeback.
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  3. johnolerud9 said:


    I followed the instructions but when I registered there wasn't a place to enter a code only a referal code which your instructions say not to enter.........now that I have been comfirmed by you guys will I be able to enter the code?
  4. johnolerud9 said:


    Just so there isn't confusion, I am talking about the RCOM code that your instructions talk about. I haven't deposited yet so I am wondering if I need to enter the code somewhere else.
  5. johnolerud9 said:


    One last thing, your link to the instructions is not available anymore to me because I have been confirmed by you guys....
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    tony said:


    Hi johnolerud9

    So it means that everything is ok now You Full Tilt Rakeback account was created and confirmed If you will have more questions you are always welcomed
  7. tay1 said:

    Default hello

    tay1 play at full tilt all the time
  8. TheAssasin27 said:


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