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    Mika Ollila said:

    Default New: Bubble Bonus

    We are trying out a new bonus in the next #18 tournament this Saturday Dec 8th at Full Tilt.

    It is called the Bubble Bonus, and is awarded to the player who is knocked out from the tournament on the bubble. This means the last player to be knocked out from the tournament before money places start.

    So for example if top 50 players get prize money, the $25 Bubble Bonus goes to the player who finishes at place 51.

    We hope that this bonus adds to the excitement, and encourages tournament participants to play better and last longer.

    Please leave your comments on how you like this bonus before/after the tournament.
  2. 56170 said:


    That is good !!!
  3. sledracer01 said:

    Default not a fan

    im really not a fan of this new bubble bonus. it doesnt really change the buuble. now if your paying out the top 50, and 51st gets the bubble bonus, this means that 52nd is not the new bubble, since he is now not getting paid. id rather see the 25$ go into the prizepool
    ill be seeing u on the felt, and remember I DONT BLUFF
  4. Calmplay's Avatar

    Calmplay said:


    Seems interesting to me, now I have a reason to finish the bubble
  5. mora19_66 said:


    i think it is a nice idea to try
    everywhere there is a bubble bonus.
    tahnk you for the change.
  6. eaglelite's Avatar

    eaglelite said:


    Sounds good to me because I always get kicked out just b4 money time

    GOOD LUCK all on and off the felt
  7. Poket10s said:


    LOL, won't people just just go all-in when they are on the bubble so they can get 25 bucks?
  8. Boeggs said:


    GREAT IDEA. More incentive not to play like a donk until the bubble.
  9. p0kertime said:


    i went out on the bubble
  10. tylorieden's Avatar

    tylorieden said:

    Default I HIT 73 bubble position

    sorry guys, I got the Bubble Bonus.
  11. --PowderPuB--'s Avatar

    --PowderPuB-- said:


    Great idea i might be the Bubble Boy soon LOL GL all
    Drink's are alway Free @ Powder's PuB
  12. no1yidmax said:


    In a sense I like the idea, but it will mean that when the bubble is approaching, say 51 people left in the freeroll and there is 50 places paid, all of the short stacks will be inclined to keep shoving allin, because the 25 bubble bonus will be higher than what they would get for 50th place payoff. So IMHO it is encouraging people to risk going out because if they do, they still get a nice payday.. and it could mean some people get screwed over or getbad beats from hands the short stack wouldnt have normally shoved with, any opinions on this?


    gl at the tables
  13. p0kertime said:

    Default Your the boss

    what ever idea you have is great bubble is a brainstorm goo work on that and as for derogatory remarks shame on them... have fun its a game that somtimes pays when you least expect it too
  14. PapaGary48's Avatar

    PapaGary48 said:


    sounds like you just moved the "bubble", but if it works for everyone, great... good luck out there...
  15. p0kertime said:

    Default nice

    well nice buble huh thx rackback n good luck
  16. beh_lee said:


    i love the idea of the bubble getting awarded. too bad it wasn't there when i went out on the bubble. congrats to whomever gets the award today.
  17. rundwnthewayup said:


    Is this still going on in the rakeback tournys? Sounds like a great idea to me.
  18. raid4poker said:


    good features, i love it
  19. Playbaby said:


    Thank you very much Staff....but im just a new b will you explain to me about where to get the pws and my page and mail or have someone contact me for help Thanks in Advance Playbaby
  20. TRUECATDADDY's Avatar


    Default Bubble bonus

    The bubble bonus is both good and bad thing. It promotes agressive play @ the buble thereby shortening the overall game time, but it also promotes bad play in teaching you to play agresively when you should hold back.
  21. jamesyjt said:

    Default hello

    hello from charleston sc
  22. pokerkq said:

    Default bubble

    cool cant wait