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  1. lowii88 said:

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    I usually compare the rakeback I get each month to the number of VIP points I earn at Absolute Poker. Usually, as VIP points have been higher in a month, rakeback is also higher.

    Well, last month I earned 17,000 VIP points and got $730 in rakeback.
    This month its only the 18th and Ive already 19000 VIP points (more than all last month) and my rakeback only shows $405.

    This month Ive been playing almost all heads up games, so I wonder if that affects it. My friend says heads up games generate a lot less rakeback than 6 max games, but this doesnt seem to make sense since 50 cents is taken out of each HU pot (and they hands seem to happen constantly)

    Does have any comment that would make this clearer to me? I expected if I earned double VIP points over last month, Ide get double rakeback, but it appears I may only get the same amount of RB as last month.
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    tony said:


    Hi lowii88,

    Actually your Absolute rakeback is based on Net Rake, I checked your rake data and it shows $1,897.77 of Net rake so your rakeback is $569.33.
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  3. RaisinBran said:


    VIP's are based on the on the size of the pot (as in how much $$$ is in the pot). On AP, you will get the same rakeback if you are playing $3/$6-$50/$100. They both max the rake at $3. However, you will make a tonnnn more VIP's in $50/$100 then $3/$6 because the average pot is obviously alot bigger. Hope this helps...