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  1. bigmac208 said:

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    hello i just wantwed to make this thread is to see which player(s) u like so plz post?

    my fav. player as poker is prorb. Gus Hansen cuz i like how he plays and could inspire me and others
  2. Boeggs said:


  3. MLitteer's Avatar

    MLitteer said:


    phil ivey, no temper tantrums, quiet and classy
  4. BUILDMO's Avatar

    BUILDMO said:

    Default fav player

    my favorite player is the one who gives me all his chips
    so consequently, i have a lot of favorite players

    fav pro would be dan harrington and the sexy ladies that play

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  5. I Eat Gamblers's Avatar

    I Eat Gamblers said:


    I would have to say mine is Jennifer Harman....i have played in a few tourneys with her and she is good people.
  6. chilly said:


    I have many favorite poker players.
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  7. liladypokerpro's Avatar

    liladypokerpro said:

    Default *(^_^)*

    Jennifer Harman (obviously) LOL
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  8. Grand said:


    Negreanu is my favourite poker player .He is great
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  9. MLitteer's Avatar

    MLitteer said:


    Remember that time Ivey blew up and started screaming because he lost a hand and he almost flipped the table over???......... me either, thats why he's my favorite
  10. Fictive's Avatar

    Fictive said:


    I dunno, Negreanu has always been a favorite simply because he is a damn fine player and seems like an all-around good guy. I like Gus Hansen as well, lots of action with him.

    Oh, can't forget about Patrik Antonius, another amazing poker pro. I do remember at some point people were saying that he is possibly the best online player in the world, but who knows.