Geuss My Age - I Donate 80 Chips in Prize Pool!

Thread: Geuss My Age - I Donate 80 Chips in Prize Pool!

  1. bigmac208 said:

    Default Geuss My Name - I Donate 80 Chips in Prize Pool!

    Dear Players,

    I have decided to make my life more fun to others on thise site. So I have decided to make a game that people would have as many tries as they want to geuss my name. If you suceed, then they will be donated from me the chips, BUT THERE ARE RULES!!!!:

    1: First have to sign-up with 5 chip donate to me.
    2: Sign-up ends until 20 people are registered
    3: To register, just post your name here and your in.
    4: First read to see how many people are registered before you do. ( EX: There are 20 already registered i wanna register but I cant then i will be number 21. )
    5: There will be a Prize Pool of 80 chips.
    6: Only 5 places get paid, first gets most and so on.
    7: Meaning, I'm not gonna say if you got it correct if you are correct until there are 5 people who have it then i will say stop and the winners.
    8: HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

    Prize Pool:

    1st: 25 chips

    2nd: 20 chips

    3rd: 15 chips

    4th: 10 chips

    5th: 10 chips

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  2. bigmac208 said:


    dont use the thread its not gonna work
  3. AnArkhos's Avatar

    AnArkhos said:


    If I guess ur name can I have chips?

    Is it the first or surname or the whole thing?
  4. bigmac208 said:


    yes u will get chips if u get it right and just my first name