Rakeback Community Tour #43 @ Full Tilt, Sunday Feb 24, $200 freeroll

Thread: Rakeback Community Tour #43 @ Full Tilt, Sunday Feb 24, $200 freeroll

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    jcrei said:

    Default Rakeback Community Tour #43 @ Full Tilt, Sunday Feb 24, $200 freeroll

    Welcome all Rakeback members to a $200 freeroll tournament this Sunday at Full Tilt Poker.

    Rakeback Community Tour #43
    Sunday, February 24, 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET.
    Poker Room: Full Tilt Poker
    Network: Independent (US players accepted)
    Time: Sunday, February 24, 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET
    Tournament #: 40623198

    Game: Turbo NL Texas Hold'em
    Prize: $200
    Buy-in: Freeroll
    Max participants: 1800
    Tournament Registration
    1. Open Full Tilt Rakeback Account
    If you already have an account at Full Tilt, proceed to step 2.
    1. Open account at Rakeback.com.
    2. Follow the Full Tilt rakeback application instructions. In addition to 27% rakeback you are eligible to the $600 sign up bonus.
    2. Tournament Password
    1. Tournament password is: *You must be logged in to view this. Please open account.*
    2. All existing users who have an account at Rakeback.com will also get the password by email before the tournament.
    3. Register to Tournament
    1. Log in to Full Tilt client and go to TOURNAMENTS -> PRIVATE tab.
    2. Find tournament #40623198 Rakeback Tour 43 and register by entering your password that is visible above on Step 2 in red letters.
    3. Invite your friends to join you in the fun. Its easy with this email form that includes a link back to this official thread, complete with your personal rakeback referral code. Earn 2-10% rakeback commission just by asking your friends to play with you!
    Bubble Bonus
    This tournament has a $20 Bubble Bonus to the player who is knocked out of the tournament on the bubble.

    The bubble means the last player who is knocked out of the tournament before money places start.
    Tournament Rules
    1. This tournament is password protected and only open to Rakeback.com community users.
    2. Tournament uses the standard Full Tilt payout structure and rules.
    3. The bubble bonus will be paid by Rakeback to the player at the beginning of next week, after we get a final standings report from Full Tilt.
    4. Only players that have an active Rakeback deal with us at Full Tilt will be eligible for the bubble bonus. In case the bubble player does not have a Rakeback deal with us, the first player with an active Rakeback deal to end outside of the money places gets paid.
    5. All participating players give us permission to publish their Rakeback.com and/or poker room username on our website.
    6. Have fun and respect other players.
  2. ribep said:


    I'll b there gl every1
  3. crzychick said:


    great i am registered good luck all see you on the felt
  4. SamNReno's Avatar

    SamNReno said:


    ty, see yall at the tables and yorkies rule gl SamNReno
  5. 56170 said:


    Good luck to all and many thanks to rakeback !!!
  6. AlwaysBroke said:

    Default D

    LOL seems like the guy who bubbles will be the lucky guy this time
  7. coltsfan007 said:


    Thanx for the fr's.....lookin to see u all there........gl to everyone......
  8. SavageChrist said:


    Yes barring an emergency I will be playing. Many thanks to rakeback, they r the best when it comes to all things rakeback, even tournies.
  9. spliff19's Avatar

    spliff19 said:


    good luck all see ya there
    burn em if you got em
  10. tiff_610 said:


    great tourneys keep it up
  11. emk4976's Avatar

    emk4976 said:


    good luck all
  12. overtop69 said:


    good luck to all and see you there
  13. coloavss said:


    gl all, going for the bubble
  14. infamus.sza said:


    haha we all coming for bubble goodluck to all
  15. p0kerfella said:



    I am new to this website and just want to say thanks for this freeroll.

    Have a nice one you all.

  16. patrick1624 said:

    Default help

    does antone have the password for touney 43 on full tilt
  17. cvcr said:

    Default gl

    good luck to all i'm new in to this freeroll!
  18. pkb45 said:


    see you there
  19. bongswat said:

    Default why?

    i dont understand why rakeback members who already had an existing account at fulltilt arent eligible for the bubble money? what difference does that make if rakeback is the ones paying it out Please explain ! gl to all anyway
  20. just2slick12 said:

    Default hello everyone!!

    just joined by hearing from a friend about this site.. sounds very interesting and i love to learn more about how to play.. been playin online for about 9 yrsnow and love to play...
    hit me back,
  21. masterfarrad said:


    gl everyone i will c u at the tables
  22. jimbo51 said:


    totally off topic but what is wrong with the arcade and when will it be fixed
  23. diamond8108 said:


    Thank you,
    im in!!!!!
    see you all there...
  24. knockurselfout said:

    Default Thanks yous

    Hey signed up Knockurselfout is the name for FTP find me on there and say wassup within the competition and if anyone is interested in creating a league or already has one that needs players please let me know
  25. dukeholgi said:


    good luck all poker players.
  26. joppedouwes said:


    check out the newest poker staking site plz ty
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  27. macte's Avatar

    macte said:

    Default Tour #43

    Im in!!!
    Tilt ID: noxximus

    GL everybody!!!
    Talk mac!!! Eat mac!!! Sleep mac!!!
  28. Havvok said:

    Default yup

    thx for the FR, C U at the final table folks!
  29. Smokeweedman said:


    see u there
  30. BUILDMO's Avatar

    BUILDMO said:

    Default Are You Ready?

    just waiting for the FTP rakeback #43 freeroll to begin,

    my FTP account has money because of the cashes i've made from these tournments!

    Chance favors the prepared Mind
  31. lisagmccoy said:

    Default New to the group

    This seems like a great site with friendly people, thanks and looking forward to meeting some of you on the tables!
  32. SlideOnIn said:

    Default Rakeback tour #43

    Thanks for the password. I always look forward to playing in the Rakeback games and I'm feeling pretttttttttty good right now. See you all there. Good luck.
  33. tony's Avatar

    tony said:


    Hey jimbo51,

    Arcade games are temporary unavailable. But it will be up soon
  34. paintman13's Avatar

    paintman13 said:

    Default pw

    anybody know when the pw for the rb43 comes out
  35. XoXChongXoX said:


    the password wont work guys
  36. tony's Avatar

    tony said:


    Hey guys

    Did you read the first post? Did you saw the date of the tourney? it is 24th of February 2008.
    It happened already. But do not be sad there will be new tourneys soon
  37. AnatolReg said:


    lol lol LOL LOL
  38. C8H10N4O2 said:


    Quote Originally Posted by AnatolReg View Post
    lol lol LOL LOL
    Wow... you really bumped a 2008 thread for that? How did you even run across this thread? What were you looking for? I'm very curious.
  39. DEBRASEID said:

    Default Thanks for the Email ... See you there!

    Hope all is well with everyone. May this be a Happy Heathly Profitable year for all!