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    liladypokerpro said:

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    I hope this doesn't sound like a complaint.....just a question.....I promise!

    May I ask if the mods would be so kind as to put the month with the date for the tournaments on the promo page? i.e. Saturday March 22nd rather than just Saturday 22nd? There are a lot of old tourneys still listed on the page and it gets a little perplexing trying to sort them out lol

    I see you talking but all I hear is blah blah blah
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    tony said:


    Hi liladypokerpro,

    It does not sound like a complaint Its great that you post your recommendations on how to inprove our website! I checked this part of the website and actually we are not using it right now to announce the tourneys. You are right it is hard to navigate there because tourney's headers does not include month information. We will keep this in mind and we will also start using this part of the webiste for our Rakeback Community Tours announcing

    P.S. You are welcomed to post your problems and thoughts in our forums, this is one of the aims of this place, to help our members