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  1. baltobro3 said:

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    Hey guys anyway you can setup a rakeback deal with the cake network? I really enjoy playing there. I understand I probably wouldnt be able to get rakeback on an existing account. But it would still be cool to see a rakeback deal setup there...
  2. liladypokerpro's Avatar

    liladypokerpro said:


    I agree I like this site also.
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  3. infinii said:


    Soft cash games here because they don't allow Pokertracker/Pahud.

    Software is a bit buggy as the lobby isn't accurate when displaying players on tables, etc.

    Tournaments are kinda donkfest as the blinds get extremely large in the latter stages.
  4. MLitteer's Avatar

    MLitteer said:


    with all the positive talk about cake, i decided to check it out.... ******* I set up an account there (cake) but still havent deposited.
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  5. Huskers314's Avatar

    Huskers314 said:


    I DL'ed their software and played a few play money games. I actually liked the site and their promotions are pretty cool, but I had two major issues that kept me from depositing $$. First, the traffic at the limit tables (my preference) is pretty weak and more importantly, to withdraw by check (again, my preference) you must withdraw an amount greater than $1,000. Since I was only going to deposit $50 or $100, it didn't seem worth it to me.
  6. Clearwheezy's Avatar

    Clearwheezy said:

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    Agreed, need rakeback to make it seem worth it
  7. 91814 said:


    hey i love cake but they got really shitty connection and it's not smooth at all!!!
  8. jspill's Avatar

    jspill said:


    on june 1st hopefully the software gets better. lock is buying the cake network, merging with it, calling it revolution gaming, and then are supposed to be revamping the software as well
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