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  1. JonaBullets said:

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    I didn't look around much to see if any one had posted an idea like this. and sorry if it has.

    I'm a member of other forums, Pc Games, and blah blah.
    One of the options that some of the other forums have is an option to pick what "games you have" kinda thing. IE. The Sims, u can click all the expansions that you own kinda thing.

    And the thought came to me, that maybe Rakeback could have a section like this, that a user could click on the sites they play on and a user name they use.

    That way, when you play on a table on a site or something, or you just wanna meet up with some one from the forum to take their money, of give them money. It would be an easy way to track them down.

    this could be optional of course, people do like to remain ghosts in the systems, taking every ones money.

    Just an idea to throw out there.
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    i just want to know who took buildmo at UB?

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    It wasnt me.