Rakeback Community Tour #95 @ Full Tilt, Sun April 19th, $100 Freeroll

Thread: Rakeback Community Tour #95 @ Full Tilt, Sun April 19th, $100 Freeroll

  1. Rosch said:

    Default Rakeback Community Tour #95 @ Full Tilt, Sun April 19th, $100 Freeroll

    Welcome all rakeback members to a $100 freeroll tournament this Sunday at Full Tilt Poker Rakeback" onclick="replacer_hook(92)" target="_blank" href="http://www.rakeback.com/full-tilt-poker/">Full Tilt Poker.

    Rakeback Community Tour #95
    Sunday, April 19th, 13:00 EST / 19:00 CET.

    • Room: Full Tilt Poker
    • Network: Independent (US players accepted)
    • Tournament #: 87755438
    • Game: No Limit Texas Hold'em Turbo
    • Prize: $100
    • Buy-in: Freeroll
    • Max participants: 2,700

    How Can You Get in the Tournament?
    Step 1. Create new rakeback account to Full Tilt Poker
    If you already have an existing account at Full Tilt, skip opening an account and proceed to Step 2.

    • Create new 27% Full Tilt Poker rakeback account

    Get 27% rakeback, daily Rake Tracking and full $600 sign-up bonus. We have other poker rakeback deals as well.

    Step 2. Get Tournament Password Here
    Now would be a good time to create a new account to Rakeback.com if you don't have one yet. Its free and we are fun people to hang around with, and you won't see the tournament password below unless you are logged in as it is hidden from visitors.

    • Tournament password is: *You must be logged in to view this. Please open account.*

    Step 3. Register to Tournament
    1. Log in to Full Tilt client and navigate to tab TOURNAMENTS -> PRIVATE.
    2. Find the tournament and register by entering your password that is visible above on Step 2 in red letters.
    3. Invite your friends to join you in the game. There's referral commission in it for you.
    4. Play and have fun.

    Tournament Rules
    1. This tournament is password protected and only open to Rakeback.com users.
    2. Tournament uses the standard poker room payout structure and rules.
    3. All participating players give us permission to publish their Rakeback.com and/or poker room username on our website.
    4. Respect other players.
  2. Nimue1995 said:


    Hope I can make it. Thank you again for the freerolls.
  3. ADQ907's Avatar

    ADQ907 said:

    Default tour #95

    Thank you guys for the opportunities. Appreciate it.
    My game changes, but the name stays the same.
  4. RawDeal09's Avatar

    RawDeal09 said:


    Hey this is a great community!! I love these Rack Back kinda forums goin' on!! It's great. Still don't quite understand wut it's all about, but I'm sure in time I'll figure it out!! LOL

    Well, GL to all to who is gunna be playin' in this tourney!

    Hope to see u there...if u haven't signed up yet!!
  5. FundelMental's Avatar

    FundelMental said:

    Default Thanks for the game

    Thanks again for the game its a large field but fun.
    I cant tune a piano,but i can tunafish !
  6. LyndaNova's Avatar

    LyndaNova said:


    Thank You, Rakeback, for this tourney on FTP!!!

    Good luck everyone!
    ~But if, as morning rises, dreams are true.~ -Dante-
  7. pinoyss's Avatar

    pinoyss said:


    Thx for the pass
    Cant wait to play
    Good Luck to all
    Fulltilt is my kind of site to play poker
  8. kadam82's Avatar

    kadam82 said:


    Thanks a lot for the freeroll, GL...
  9. Olddog21's Avatar

    Olddog21 said:

    Default bubble

    Just out of the money this time!
  10. hences said:


    I chouldn't play this time, but in the next i will participate!