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  1. C8H10N4O2 said:

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    If you followed my previous AA post about this villain, it's the same guy. This time, we are playing online against each other. I'm sitting close to my buy in of $25, he's at $8.35.

    This particular session villain is 100/60 and has never gone to showdown. I'm pretty sure he's tilting a bit from a tourney he just busted out of. Table is only 4 handed. Villain has also bet every street until everyone else folds. I'm in the BB. Villain is on the button. I'm feeling a bit more confident with my play against him, so I call with Q8 hoping to outplay him.

    Dealt to me Q8

    Villain min-raises to $0.50
    LB Folds
    Me Calls $0.25


    Q 7 K

    Me checks
    Villain bets $1 into $1.10
    Me calls



    Me checks
    Villain bets $1.50 into $3.10
    Me calls $1.50



    Villain shoves all in for $5.35 into $6.10

    What do you do?
  2. phaul said:


    You make the decision on the turn, not the river. River changes very little, and in fact improves your hand vs. his range. If he is, as you imply, triple-barrelling everything then call as you're ahead of a blank range and embrace the variance. Is his preflop raise size significant or was that standard for the retard?
  3. C8H10N4O2 said:


    Lol phaul, he isn't retarded all the time.

    His pre-flop raise... rarely does he min-raise. Most of his raises are 3x or larger. He raises almost all pocket pairs more than 2x as well. His pre-flop raise really means nothing here, except he probably doesn't have a pocket pair. Feel free to ask any other questions.
  4. HeyKidMove said:


    I think you should have made your decision on the turn here as well. I much prefer a shove to a call on the turn. If you think you're ahead there, I think you have to shove it in. I'm tempted to call on the river though as you have played the hand pretty weak and he could have air here a lot.
  5. C8H10N4O2 said:


    I did make my decision on the turn for sure... however, I checked to induce a bluff. I wasn't 100% sure I was ahead, but once the K hit on the river, I was convinced my pair of Q's was the best hand. It was pretty much a snap call this time, and he showed 8 high. Followed by "Wow... nc, I am on tilt... I think I'll stop for the day." If he crafted a better river bet, I would have been more confused. I would expect $2-3 tops for value from him on the river. Instead, he shoved and I insta-called.

    Revenge on the villain for getting me to lay down AA.
  6. phaul said:


    Quote Originally Posted by dew12109 View Post
    His pre-flop raise... rarely does he min-raise. Most of his raises are 3x or larger. He raises almost all pocket pairs more than 2x as well.
    Given this, I feel his preflop raise size implies a weaker hand, so an ace is a lot less likely. Given the player he is, i feel you have to snap call and sigh if he has a king. Nh
  7. C8H10N4O2 said:


    Thanks. We played again today... he took me for 10bb's total over 350 hands. Overall now, I'm up a huge total of 4.7bb's over around 1,000 hands since I bought Hold'em Manager. I feel like I'm probably up considerably more than that from live play, but who knows. I wish I could figure out how to start breaking through against him. I've won 4 more hands against him than he has against me. A measly little 4 hands. I want to develop a better edge against him. He made a crazy lay down against a set of mine today, and I made a lay down against his two pair with an over pair the other day in live play. Other than that though, nothing out of the ordinary.

    I posted this hand just to see if I were making an idiot call or if others would be calling this too. It felt like the right call, and it was the right call, but given the "quality" I was calling with, I wasn't sure what you guys would say.