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    hey for the people that know did doyle brunson die??? pleas elet me know i couldnt find anything on it but the people at fulltilt keep announcing that he died i was just wondering. some guy said he didnt but if thats true what a freakin idiot to be saying something like that because that isnt funny. i was wondering if anyone here knew?
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    I haven't seen or heard anything about it, and given he's considered a legend I would think it would be all over the place if it were true.
    I see you talking but all I hear is blah blah blah
  3. powrdragn said:


    Well, the Michael Jackson memorial is dominating the news today. 12 central time for those interested btw.

    But no, Doyle just did some presentations over the past week or two nd he gave the opening, "Shuffle up and deal" on day one of the main event if I'm not mistaken. So, if it happened it *JUST* happened.

    I just hit a quick scan of the major poker sites and saw no mention of it. So if it happened, it's the best kept secret int he world right now.
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    For whatever reason this seems to be a bit of a standing joke for some on Full Tilt.... It goes around all the time.

    Noone will end up beleiving it if it unfortunately really happens
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    for some reason, people spam the high stakes games on full tilt with "RIP doyle." it probably started as some kind of statement that with online poker now, traditional poker is dead. i'm not sure why they think it's funny. it's just annoying.
  6. austin27332 said:


    Doyle Brunson is NOT dead. Try googling it. it will tell you he is not dead.