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Lottery Sit & Gos - 6 Networks Compared

A mixture between tournament poker and gambling, the 'Lottery Sit and Go' format is popular with recreationals and regs alike - attracting net depositing players (often one-tabling them via mobile device) chasing the prizepool multiplier, and proving profitable for those who study 3-handed hyper turbo SNGs.


Poker Room

Buy in (BI)

Top Prize

Times Hit



Jackpot Poker ACR $2 - $40 2500x BI 1 in 100k 6% Apr 2015
Spin & Gos PokerStars $1 - $60 3600x BI 1 in 100k 5 - 7% Sep 2014
Jackpot SNGs Full Tilt $1 - $50 2000x BI 3 in 100k 4 - 5% Jun 2014
Twister Poker iPoker €1 - €10 1000x BI 1 in 20k 7% Jan 2014
Expresso Poker Winamax.fr €1 - €25 1000x BI 1 in 200k 7% Jul 2013
Jackpot SNGs PKR $0.30 - $12 1000x BI 1 in 20k 6.2 - 7.15% Aug 2015

Lottery Sit and Go - Americas Cardroom - Jackpot Poker

Jackpot PokerAmericas Cardroom, Black Chip, SuperStack

The first US facing room with Lottery SNGs. Jackpot Poker was launched on Winning Poker Network skins 4/14/15. Players start with 500 chips and can win up to 2500 times the BI in these 3-Max hypers.

Site reps are confident Jackpot Poker will improve the WPN economy by bringing in more fans of poker in the US, and called the game the most interesting innovation since Rush. Jackpot Poker counts towards Sit & Crush.

Jackpot Poker Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In $2 $10 $40
Rake 6% 6% 6%

Prizepools are winner takes all, except for at the three highest levels. PLO games are also available. Find out more in our in-depth Jackpot Poker review.

Jackpot Poker - Video

Lottery Sit and Go - PokerStars - Spin & Go

Spin & Gos - PokerStars

As the largest online poker room in the industry you can find the highest traffic and the highest multipliers in PokerStars' spin on the Lottery SNG format. High stakes reg Bughusla completed a challenge to show how $11k in winnings per month is possible before rakeback.

Players have hit $1 million jackpots in promotional Spin & Gos three times, so PokerStars is running below EV.

Spin & Go Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In $1 $3 $7 $15 $30 $60
Rake  7% 6%  6% 5% 5% 5%

Again prizepools are winner takes all, except for at the three highest levels. Find out more in our in-depth PokerStars Spin & Go review.

Spin & Go Poker - Video

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Lottery Sit and Go - Full Tilt Poker - Jackpot SNGs

Jackpot Sit & Gos - Full Tilt Poker

The lowest rake Lottery Sit n Go format, players can win up to 2000x their BI in Jackpot SNGs with a 4% rake. Blinds rise according to Full Tilt's super turbo structure.

FTP's director of marketing summed up the games: 'From the random prize pool draw at start of play to the fast-paced structure and format, Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments have been designed to provide players, even if they only have a few minutes to play, a truly exciting way to compete for big prizes.'

Jackpot SNG Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In $1 $2.50 $5 $10 $50
Rake 5% 5% 5% 5% 4%

Prizepools are winner takes all, except for at the three highest buy in multipliers, which use a 75 / 15 / 10 percentage split.

Jackpot Sit & Go - Video

Lottery Sit and Go - iPoker - Twister Poker

Twister Poker - Winner, Titan, Paddy Power

iPoker's twist on the Lottery Sit & Go format allows players to win up to 1000x their BI. Rake is high at 7% and the likelihood of playing for more than the original buyin is less favorable.

However, under the table rakeback deals can more than make up for a less player friendly design - earn up to 70% flat monthly rakeback on Winner Poker. With rakeback iPoker is the cheapest option for Lottery Sit & Gos.

Twister SNG Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In €1 €2 €5 €10
Rake 7% 7% 7% 7%

Prizepools are winner takes all, and iPoker rooms occasionally use Twister SNGs for live satellite qualifiers, e.g. Titan Poker's Vegas Freeroll promotion.

Twister Poker - Video

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Lottery Sit and Go - Winamax - Expresso Poker

Expresso Poker - Winamax.fr

EU ringfenced site Winamax is credited with inventing the Lottery SNG. Rake is high - typical on high tax, regulated French sites - although the high number of casual players makes up for that.

Independent room Winamax is one of the top 10 highest traffic poker sites, with over 2,500 players at peak times (exceeding PokerStars.fr to lead the French market).

Expresso Poker Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In €1 €2 €5 €10 €25
Rake 7% 7% 7% 7% 7%

Prizepools are winner takes all unless over 20x the BI, at which point a three way split sees the winner taking down approx. ~80% of the prizepool, depending on stakes.

Expresso Poker - Video

Lottery Sit and Go - PKR - Jackpots SNGs

Jackpot Sit & GosPKR

The latest addition to the Lottery SNG format, PKR has launched it's own Jackpot Sit & Gos including the lowest buy in level in the industry, just 30 cents. Players can win up to 1000x the BI.

Rake is high, however a 1000x multiplier is hit 1 in 20000 times. That's more favorable than e.g. PokerStars and ACR where the same probability applies for only 240x and 200x multipliers respectively.

PKR Jackpot SNG Rake & Buy In Levels

Buy In $0.30 $1.50 $6 $12
Rake 7.15% 7.15% 6.2% 6.2%

Prizepools are winner takes all unless 100x the BI or higher, then a three way 83.33 / 10 / 6.67% split applies.

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