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Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker is a higher speed variant of regular Open Face Chinese. The basic gameplay and scoring work as normal, except 4 cards are dealt at a time on the second and third betting rounds.

Turbo OFC involves fewer rounds, so more hands per hour can be played. With players seeing more cards each round more skill-based opportunities present themselves at once. 

How to Play Turbo Open Face Chinese: Instructions

  • Each player is dealt five cards initially, just as in regular Open Face.

Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker Setup - Initial Five Cards Dealt

  • Once again, these cards are set in either the front, middle or back hands in any way the player sees fit.

Open Face Chinese Poker Setup - Front, Middle & Back Hands

  • Play continues in rounds with each player being dealt four cards, and setting all in their hand.

Turbo Open Face Chinese Round 2 - 4 Cards Dealt, Must Play All

  • Another round of 4 cards, with the ‘under the gun‘ revealing his cards first.

Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker - Round 3, 4 Cards Dealt, Must Play All

  • The hands and royalties are scored and each player settles with the other players. Rules for fouling a hand are the same as traditional Chinese Poker.

Open Face Chinese Poker Setup - Fouling & Royalties

Regular, Turbo and Pineapple Chinese variants are all spread at Tonybet Poker, although Turbo tables run the least often of the three.

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