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Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

How to Play Pineapple Fantasyland Video Beginner Tips 2-7 Pineapple

With the popularity of Open Face Chinese poker, a new variation has been on the rise: Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker. Pineapple OFC has become the game of choice to many high rollers due to the increased action and variance, much like Pot-Limit Omaha did for many No-Limit Holdem players.

This variance arises since players see 17 cards in total, making royalties and Fantasyland much more commonplace. The game can also only be played with 2 – 3 players max, due to the extra cards being dealt.

Rakeback.com room Tonybet Poker offers Pineapple alongside regular and turbo Open Face Chinese.

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How to Play Pineapple Open Face: Instructions

  • The game starts off the same as Open Face with each player being dealt five cards.


  • As in regular Open Face, these cards are set in either the front, middle or back hands in any way the player chooses.


  • Play continues in rounds with each player being dealt three cards at a time (unlike just one in Open Face) and discarding one. The other two are placed in any available hand.


  • Round 3 once again sees players dealt 3 cards, adding 2 to their hand and discarding 1.


  • The hands and royalties are scored as in regular Open Face, and each player settles with the other players.


Pineapple Fantasyland

Fantasyland is entered the same way as Open Faced Chinese, with Queens or better up Front. In live games you may agree with the table to make the requirement KK+ or AA (since QQ+ is so easy to hit) at your discretion.

Players are dealt 14 cards in Fantasyland allowing for one discard, unlike 13 in regular Open Face. They set the hand and place each hand face down in the respective spot. Players not in Fantasyland will continue to play the game in the normal Pineapple fashion. The button does not move.

A player may stay in Fantasyland if they can make Trips up Front or Four of a Kind in the Middle or Back. This Quads in the Middle requirement is another difference between Pineapple and regular Open Face, where just a Full House is enough.

Open Face Pineapple Video – Complete Hand & Fantasyland

Top 3 Pineapple Open Face Beginner Tips

1. Set your front hand with Fantasyland potential. Example – you’re dealt {As} {4h} {Td} {3d} {8d}. Putting the ace up front leaves you open to get into Fantasyland. Putting your three diamonds in the back for a flush draw is a good play if diamonds are still live. The four would be best in the middle since it will only hurt the front or back hands if placed there.
2. Two 2-card flushes can be acceptable to set. When being dealt a five card no pair hand you could set two flushes in the middle and back hand. Example – you’re dealt {Qs} {3s} {Kc} {7c} {6h}. Big cards can always turn into big pairs, so setting the King high flush and the Queen high flush is acceptable in Pineapple. Draws are easier to hit in Pineapple with the increased cards.

3. Take caution in setting big pairs. When dealt two big pairs, it can be a waste to keep them together making two pair in the back. Example – You are dealt {Ks} {Kh} {Qd} {Qh} {9c}.  Setting two pair in the back is a questionable play. Don’t be in a rush to ‘lock up the back hand’.

2-7 Pineapple

Open Face Chinese 2-7 Pineapple is a brand new OFC variant recently launched on Tonybet. Team pro Pedro Marte talks 2-7 OFC strategy in the video below.

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