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Americas Cardroom 27% vs. Bovada 0% Rakeback Comparison

By Taylor Cuccia, Rakeback.com Contributor                    

In this edition of our rake comparison series, we pit Bovada and ACR, the #1 and #2 sites for US traffic, against each other to see whose effective rake reigns supreme after taking rakeback into account.  

ASSUMPTIONS: For clarity, we used 6-Max No Limit Holdem as the basis for comparison, to determine which is the top US poker site in terms of effective rake. 

acr          bovada

Note that these rake figures are averages, and each player's style will affect their rake paid.  In general, tighter players will pay less rake than loose players.

6-Max No Limit Holdem

Before Factoring in Rakeback

Stake 6-Max NLHE (bb/100)
ACR Bovada
25nl 9.91 9.52
50nl 9.00 8.95
100nl 7.64 7.91
200nl 5.71 5.88
400nl 3.77 3.84

Before factoring in rakeback, we have a split decision.  Bovada takes 25nl and 50nl, while ACR takes 100nl through 400nl.  Because ACR shows advantages in 3 of 5 stakes, including all the higher games, we give them the slight nod by split decision.  

Including Rakeback

Stake 6-Max NLHE (bb/100)
ACR Bovada
25nl 7.23 9.52
50nl 6.57 8.95
100nl 5.58 7.91
200nl 4.17 5.88
400nl 2.75 3.84

Because of Bovada's lack of rakeback, when we factor it in, ACR becomes the clear winner.  Their effective rakes all go down, while Bovada's all remain the same. Thus ACR sweeps every stake instead of winning just 3 of 5.    

It is important to remember that we are looking only at 6-Max NLHE in this example.  While this is the most popular game type, the rake numbers for other games will not necessarily show the same result.  

How Much EXTRA Will an Average Player Earn?

To highlight the effect of playing lower rake at ACR, lets look at an example player:


  • Our player wins 10bb/100 regardless of site or stake  
  • Winnings at each stake after playing 100,000 hands
Stake Winnings ($) over 100k hands with 10bb/100 winrate
ACR Bovada Difference with RB
25nl $691 $121 +$570
50nl $1,716 $525 +$1,191
100nl $4,423 $2,092 +$2,331
200nl $11,658 $8,244 +$3,414
400nl $28,989 $24,657 +$4,332

Shown above is his winnings at each stake after playing 100,000 hands at Bovada and at ACR with a 27% rakeback deal with Rakeback.com.  

The third column represents the difference, or how much extra this player would win simply by playing at ACR with rakeback rather than Bovada assuming equal win-rates.  

Assuming an equal win-rate across stakes, while not necessarily accurate, serves our purpose of comparing the two sites quite well.  This is because the difference in winnings results entirely from the relatively lower rake.  Since this stays the same regardless of win-rate, the difference in winnings will also stay the same.

Example 2

To test this, lets use an example player at 100nl who wins at 8bb/100 instead of 10.  At ACR with 27% rakeback he will win $2,423, while at Bovada he will win $92.  The difference is still $2,331.  

Thus, the difference column above represents the amount of extra money that will be earned over 100k hands by a player choosing to play at ACR with rakeback over Bovada, even when we know nothing of actual win-rates and only assume they are equal across sites.  

The significance of these numbers illustrate how important it is not only to take rake into account, but also to sign up with rakeback whenever possible.  

Rakeback Comparison Winner: Americas Cardroom


After factoring in rakeback, ACR runs away from Bovada in terms of effective rake for 6-Max NLHE. If you'd still like to check out Bovada for its juicy games (its anonymous tables attract recreationals), sign up here in the US, or outside the US visit Bodog (right click -> open in incognito window if you're running Adblock). Non US players on Bodog can still play with Americans on the Bovada side, as the sites use a joint playerpool.

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