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How Much Do I Need to Play at PokerStars to Get 27% Rakeback?

Approximately $1,300 in monthly rake, with caveats - read on.


Calculating a PokerStars Platinum rakeback equivalent - or that of any VIP level at PokerStars - isn't an exact science as rewards can vary in value depending on your VIP status at the beginning of each month and year.

Effective rakeback rises retroactively if players achieve Supernova status by year's end.

In addition some rewards come in the form of VIP tournaments, and stellar rewards / milestone cash credits unlocked when players reach precise annual VPP point totals.

However the Platinum VIP level is often approximated to be worth 27% rakeback - historically this was a point of comparison for those grinding at Full Tilt (which offered 27% flat rakeback prior to leaving the US market).

Rake Required for PokerStars Platinum Star

Platinum Star PokerStars Full Ring 6-Max / Tournaments
Rake To Reach 7,500 VPPs $1250/Mo $1,363/Mo
Rake/Day ~$41 ~$45

That's around 1,200 hands of 50NL, 1,000 of 25PLO, or 700 of $1/$2 LHE.

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PokerStars Platinum Star Rakeback 

Starting a calendar month as Platinum and maintaining that status ('continuing Platinum' in the table below) roughly equates to 27% rakeback.

Approx. PokerStars Platinum Rakeback Equivalent

Platinum Star PokerStars Cash Only Rewards Cash & Tournament Rewards
Reaching Platinum Star 20 - 22% 23 - 25%
Continuing Platinum Star 24 - 26% 28 - 31%

NB  Earning the requisite 7,500 VPPs / month each month for one year, a continuing Platinum Star player would finish the year with 90,000 VPPs. If putting in a little extra volume each month to finish with 100,000 (Supernova level) their overall rakeback equivalent would rise well above 27%.

However if you only reach Platinum status on occasional months - perhaps you split your action over a range of different poker rooms - you can expect around 27% rewards.

You can also check your PokerStars rakeback percentage for any hand volume using our exclusive calculator.

Americas Cardroom vs PokerStars Platinum

PokerStars Rakeback Graph Monthly Rake vs Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom (and other WPN skins such as Black Chip) offer flat 27% rakeback to players who sign up via an affiliate.

At any monthly rake higher than approximately $1300, players would expect to earn a higher rakeback percentage on PokerStars, as shown on the graph above.

However PokerStars Platinum and ACR can't be perfectly compared as PokerStars' base rake is lower - the lowest rake in the industry. As a result players could pay the same effective cost to play, at a lower monthly volume.

For example, 50NL 6-Max rake is about 7 bb/100 at PokerStars, and about 8 bb/100 at Americas Cardroom.

View all bb/100 rake amounts at PokerStars in this google doc (change sheets to view each game type).

The above spreadsheet figures for Feb 2012 - rake levels set after player meetings one of our writers attended - are still accurate today (2015 rake changes were planned, then later cancelled).

Americas Cardroom Rakeback

Comparing the PokerStars bb/100 rake in the google doc above to our figures for Americas Cardroom here, you should be able to estimate what volume on PokerStars is equivalent to 27% rakeback at ACR.

Likely that's only PokerStars Gold VIP rather than PokerStars Platinum Star.

US players are accepted at ACR, unlike PokerStars. Sign up at Americas Cardroom via Rakeback.com to earn 27% returns on every hand, SNG or MTT regardless of your monthly volume.

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