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PokerStars vs. Party Poker Rake Comparison

By Taylor Cuccia, Rakeback.com Contributor                    

In this edition of poker rake comparisons, we have PartyPoker going up against industry goliath, PokerStars.  Using some of the most popular poker games and stakes as comparisons, we will determine which site offers more favorable rake for which games.

partypoker                            pokerstars

Note that these rake figures are averages, and each player's style will affect their rake paid.  In general, tighter players will pay less rake than loose players. 

No Limit Holdem


Stake 6-Max NLHE (bb/100)
PokerStars Party Poker


50nl 7.27 8.99
100nl 5.61 7.71
200nl 3.98 5.54
400nl 2.67 3.77

PokerStars wins at every stake for 6-max NLHE.  Not much to interpret here, PokerStars takes this category.  

Full Ring

Stake Full Ring NLHE (bb/100)
PokerStars Party Poker
25nl 5.90 7.19
50nl 5.44 7.33
100nl 4.45 6.45
200nl 3.15 5.12
400nl 2.27 3.68

Another sweep for PokerStars as they take every stake for full ring NLHE as well.

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PLO (6-Max)

Stake PLO (6-Max) (bb/100)
PokerStars Party Poker
25plo 16.30 20.51
50plo 14.22 17.80
100plo 10.71 14.27
200plo 7.50 10.16
400plo 4.83 6.52

Cue the broken record, PokerStars wins once again at every stake, this time in the PLO 6-max category.  


Buy-In Level Tournaments
PokerStars Party Poker
<7 12% 11%
<60 9% 11%
<500 7% 9%
500+ 5% 9%

Party Poker shows life by edging out PokerStars in the under $7 tournament rake category by one percentage point (11% vs. 12%).  They fall short in the rest of the buy-in categories, however, giving PokerStars the overall nod in this category.  

Other Factors to Consider

  • These numbers do not factor in rakeback.  PokerStars and Party Poker both offer VIP programs in lieu of rakeback.  Determining which level you would be at for each site, based on volume, will be an important factor in making a site decision.  To calculate what your rakeback would be at PokerStars, visit our PokerStars Rakeback Calculator.      
  • Traffic also needs to be considered.  According to Pokerscout, PokerStars has significantly higher overall traffic than PartyPoker.  However, being the industry goliath, PokerStars attracts a large percentage of working professionals.  This may make Party Poker more attractive for some players despite their higher rake.    

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Overall Winner

 pokerstars logo

With clean sweeps in all the cash game categories and an overall win in the tournament category, PokerStars takes down Party Poker in our rake comparison.   

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