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Aced Poker Information

Network Merge Gaming Network
Operating Since 2008
Servers in Kahnawake, Canada
Company Aced.com

Aced Poker Online Poker Room

Get Aced Poker Rakeback and Bonus

Editorial Rating Visit Aced Poker
35% Max Rakeback
$5000 Sign Up Bonus
  • Rakeback value: 8% - 35% based on your play volume
  • Payment interval: Whenever you choose
  • Payment type: Loyalty points to cash conversion


Free download securely from official Aced Poker server

How big is Aced Poker?

Aced Poker has an average of 1,800 players populating the table at peak times, so you'll be able to find a game of your choice at all times. As a member of the Merge Network, all players are able to play at Aced Poker, including players from the United States.

Is it good value?

Aced Poker has switched to a VIP Program where players receive 8-35% cash back. The top cash back percentage is reserved for players who rake at least $2,000/month.


**Alert** Aced Poker is now Carbon Poker.  Please proceed to Carbon Poker via the link below to create your account:

[ctabox room=carbon-poker]

Aced Poker Review

Aced Poker is available to all players around the globe, including those from the United States. All Aced Poker players will receive up to 35% cash back based on how much you play.

Aced Poker Cash Back

Please note Aced Poker has switched from flat 35% rakeback to a cash back VIP program as of February 1st, 2013.

All players who open an Aced Poker account through the link provided at the top of the page will receive up to 35% Aced Poker cash back.

Aced Poker Cash Back Payments

Players can exchange their rewards points for cash in the rewards store. Cash back amounts equal 8-35% based on your Aced Reward level. Once exchanged the cash goes immediately into your account.

Tiers Cash Back Cash Back % Pts Req. for Monthly tier Pts to Exchange
Bronze $2 8% 1 250
Silver $5 10% 100 500
Gold $17.5 14% 750 1,250
Platinum $57 19% 1,500 3,000
Diamond $250 25% 7,500 10,000
Aced $700 35% 20,000 20,000
Tiers Rake # of Exchange / Month Total Month Rake Total Month Cash Back
Bronze $25 5 $125 $10
Silver $50 5 $250 $25
Gold $125 5 $625 $87.5
Platinum $300 5 $1,500 $285
Diamond $1,000 3 $3,000 $750
Aced $2,000 3 $6,000 $2,100

Aced Poker General Information

Aced Poker is a member of the Merge Gaming Network and the game client is available for play for both the PC and Mac operating systems.

There is a game for everyone at Aced Poker from the $0.01/0.02 micro grinders all the way up to the $300/$600 high rollers.


Free download securely from official Aced Poker server