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[Video] Table Selection | Starting Up a 10nl Session

By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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Game Selection - Scanning the Lobby

The first thing you want to do is make sure not to be lazy and always scan the lobby for potential fish.

There are basic signs without even having to play a hand versus an opponent that will help you spot recreationals:

  • Players that don't buy in for 100 big blinds and have odd stacks
  • Players from less known countries such as India or New Caledonia etc
  • Players with a tablet/mobile icon

Color Coding

The next step is to color code each player into categories:

  • Yellow - Standard reg
  • Green - Aggressive reg
  • Light blue - Bad reg
  • Red - Short stack reg
  • Dark blue - Very tight
  • Purple - Fish
  • Light pink - Passive fish

PokerStars RakebackWhat this does is make it very easy to game select after you have color tags on your opponents so you can quickly see which tables are good or bad. Someone without a color code is likely to be a fish.


Finally after establishing what category a player type is, we need to think of our position relative to them. Optimal game selecting will see us have the fish on our direct right, and a tight player on our left. Unfortunately its not a perfect world and sometimes we can't get the optimal situation.

At worst we want a fish no more than 3 spots to our direct right for a full ring table and no more than 2 for a 6 max table.

Try to never have a short stack reg to your direct left or an aggressive regular as they are going to make life annoying and our ability to isolate the fish will worsen.

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