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Poker Songs - Music to Grind To


Lose a big hand and now you’re down in the dumps? Maybe you’re needing motivation on the online poker grind? Well, come on down, and let the poker lyrics below take you on a ride.

This top 10 list of poker and gambling songs was handpicked to suit your needs.

Poker Music - Gambling Songs

1. “ All In ” - Phil Bellante (2009)

If anyone knows the emotions of a poker player who is all-in waiting for the cards to come down it's Phil Bellante. The uncertainty and the urge for victory rings true in this instant classic.

2. “ The Gambler ” - Kenny Rogers (1978)

Kenny Rogers has bestowed upon us the first commandment in the poker manifesto:  “You got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em”. The original song for poker players and gamblers alike.

3. “ Losing Hand ” - Ray Charles (1957)

A 1950s classic by the one and only, Ray Charles. Every poker player knows life is full of risks. Whether it’s love or poker sometimes you have to go all-in and let the chips fall wherever they fall.

4. “ Deal ” - The Grateful Dead (1981)

A great tune about staying focused and having the patience to wait for the opportune moment.

5. “ Viva Las Vegas ” - Elvis Presley (1963)

The national anthem for Sin City. 

6. “ Poker Face ” - Lady Gaga (2008)

The best defense is offence and if your opponents can’t read you then you’re going take them to the cleaners.

7. “ No cheap thrill ” - Suzanne Vega (1995)

Playing poker defiantly ain’t cheap, so you don’t want to make it cheap for your opponents. If they want to gamble with you on their draws (not underwear) then make them pay for it.

8. “ That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker ” - O.A.R. (1997)

Poker is a game of skill, but there is still chance involved. We’ve all had a crazy game where someone hits that lucky two outer.

9. “ The Card Cheat ” The Clash - (1979)

A poker player’s word is everything. Let this song be a lesson for you, you don’t want to end up in the desert… or worse.

10. “ All I Want To Do Is Play Cards ” - Corb Lund (2005)

Making money is great, but why did we get into card games? It started with having fun and that’s what poker is really about - enjoying making the right moves, and hanging out with friends. 

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By , Rakeback.com Staff Writer

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