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PokerStars RSA Security Token

*Updated 4 June 2012* PokerStars RSA Security TokenPokerStars now provides RSA Security Tokens to users who are interested in adding a layer of security to their poker accounts.

The RSA Security Token brings the strength and security of two-factor authentication to your PokerStars account, by generating you an extra password during login which is only shown for a few seconds. It requires you to have 'something you know' (your PokerStars password and RSA Security PIN) and 'something you have' (your RSA Security Token) to login. The RSA token will 

This feature is a very strong defense against key loggers and unauthorized people accessing your account.

The RSA Security Token is a small device that can attach to your key ring - you can order one from the PokerStars VIP Store's security section. Just login into the PokerStars software and go to visit the store.

The cost of the token is varies from 4,500 FPP to 0 FPP, depending on your PokerStars VIP Level. Each token has a license span of 5 years.

Purchase Cost of PokerStars RSA Token

VIP Club Level FPPs Required Subsidy
BronzeStar 4,500 25%
SilverStar 3,000 50%
GoldStar 2,500 58%
PlatinumStar 2,000 67%
Supernova 1,500 75%
Supernova Elite 0 100%

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