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PokerStars Upgrades Software

By Scott Carlson, Rakeback.com Senior Reporter

PokerStarsLost in all of the excitement of the WSOP last week, we nearly missed a huge software upgrade PokerStars rolled out. The upgrades are aimed to improve game play and navigation throughout the site. Let's take a look at the specific upgrades.

Find Seat

This update has two different meanings, one for cash games and one for sit-n-gos. In cash games if you click the find seat option you open up an identical cash table as the one you are currently sitting at. This upgrade will prove to be huge to multi-tablers. No longer will you have to click on individual tables in the lobby and then select your seat. In sit-n-gos selecting find seat will register you to the same type of sit-n-go you are already playing.

Bet Slider and Bet Sizing Options

You can now use your mouse wheel to move the bet slider without first selecting the table. All you need to do now is hover over the slider. Also, you now have the option of bet sizing buttons (like bet pot). You can customize the amounts for each button to your specifications, including the number of big blinds or the percentage of the pot.

Visual Representation of Time to Act

Once a time warning is given a running bar is displayed showing how much time is left to act. Also, the time bank button looks different when depressed or not.

Detached Chat

You are now allowed to automatically detach chat when a table is opened. Also, when multi-tabling, you are allowed to have chat from all tables merged into one chat window.

Tournament Summaries

Tournament summaries are now automatically saved to your hard drive. You no longer have to manually request the summaries.

Other Items

  • Once sit-n-gos end the tables will automatically close.
  • Sit-n-go filters improved to include sorting by number of players registered.
  • Players using multiple monitor set-ups can now change the layout on the active monitor only instead of automatically changing over all monitors.

These improvements to PokerStars are to be gradually rolled out to all players over the next several days. Let us know in the comments section if you have any ideas for improvements. Sorry, the boomswitch option is still not available.

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